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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Haaaay... My BPI Buhay

Right now, among the dozen cards in my wallet, four are BPI cards. Two ATMs, a credit card and a BPI Express Cash card.

Here are some BPI stories that make me (sigh) ... haaaay...

  • Transfered cash to my BPI Express cash one Saturday via ATM Check-free payments. Yun pala, it's not a real-time transfer. It's a next-banking-day transfer. And since some weekend transactions don't reflect until monday, I couldn't get my money through Express cash until tuesday. Haaaay...

  • Tinuruan naman ako ng taga-BPI. If I transfer using phone, it's realtime daw. Mabuhay!

    Lemme try. Dial 89-100 then follow instructions of voice recording and choose "pre-paid". I tried to transfer P10k. Ayaw! Transaction cancelled daw. Reason: I had a few hundred in my Express Cash, and it couldn't accomodate more than P10k. Haaaay...

  • Maya and I were at Puerto Galera one time. We needed to transfer some money to my brother in Manila. Aha! Let's do that now via BPI Express Online WAP site (! Mabuhay! ;-) (See airfagev for BPI WAP configurations for Smartphone)

    Through Brosia, my Smartphone, I accessed the site, logged-in, verified my account balance, went to Check-free payments, filled-up the form to transfer funds to Kuya, clicked "Submit", then ... Viola! Wala nangyari!

    One more try. Then another. Viola! Wala talaga! Although I had tried transfering funds via mobile, I couldn't transfer that time. I didn't bother to find out why. I just.... Haaaay'ed... and enjoyed the Galera sun and sand with Maya.

  • Before I went back to schooling, I had a regular computer at work. This was the only PC I used to use to access my BPI Express Online account. I don't use public PCs to view my accounts Online.

  • Now that I don't have a regular PC, I prefer to transact via the ATM in AIM.

  • I also use Express Phone. Minsan I use it so often, nakikilala na nga ako nung recorded voice, eh.

  • I know of two BPI ATMs that accept real-time cash deposits. One at BPI head office at Ayala-Paseo, another at Glorietta below HardRock cafe in Makati. The ATM accepts the cash, counts it, then asks the user to verify the amount before proceeding with the deposit. Upon deposit, it's already credited and available. Convenient, huh? Mabuhaaaay!

All in all, BPI let's me do my banking in so many ways. It's just a matter of using what is convenient for me at the particular time and situation. I just need to know the system and use it to my advantage ...

So that I don't get haaay... get haaaay ... get haaay!


- edwin
Three-peat BPI Bloopers

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Visit: or call 89-100 for BPI Express phone


  • At 10:22 am, Blogger Lyra said…

    BPI client here. I have 2 ATM cards and 2 credit cards. I find doing online transactiions very convenient. Haven't done mobile banking though and find that I don't need it yet. :) Mabuhey BPI!


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