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Saturday, October 09, 2004

VAS Difference - Smart Kid

My brother was searching for a handset and SIM for his mekanikos on motorcycles.

He considered getting phones using Smart Kid. But, it didn't fit what he needed. I couldn't help but ask: "Kids ba ang mga mekaniko mo?"

To avail of Smart Kid, parents/guardians must have postpaid subscriptions.

Smart Kid has a service that automatically calls a list of numbers in specified order. For example, upon dialling "11" the Smart Kid phone will dial Mom's cell. If mom doesn't answer, the Smart Kid phone will dial Mom's office... then dad's cell, then dad's office until one of the pre-programmed numbers answers.

Herein lays the reason my brother didn't get Smart Kid phones for his mekanikos: The Smart Kid phone cannot dial just any number. It can only call the numbers in the pre-programmed list, a list made by the parent/guardian.

That means, kiddo can't call his crush or his teacher.

Smart Kid is designed for young kids and not for mekanikos. Unless the mekaniko is a kid. Or the kid is a mekaniko. That makes him a mekanito.

And when the kid gets Smarter, he'll need a phone that doesn't get in the way of flirting with seatmate or with teacher Cheche. C'mon!

Lastly, let me loosely quote Warren who commented in my previous article: "Somewhere out there, these phones for kids are making snatchers very rich and happy."

Be an intelligent parent. Stay safe. The cellphone can't take the place of quality time with the kids.

- Edwin
Moving out. Mom and Mama in Albay

Smart Hotline: 88811111
Smart Sales Hotline: 8488882


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