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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Edong's Dreams - Anti-Cellphone-Theft Wireless Leash

We exchanged cellphone theft horror stories the other night. It's a sorry state we're in. Needless fear and even death over cellphone snatching.

Thus, I've come up with some Anti-Cellphone-Theft ideas. Here's the first: The Wireless Leash

It's a contraption that keeps the cellphone within 10 to 100 meters of the owner. The range is user specified.

Beyond this range, the cellphone will "act strangely". Imagine this:

My phone gets snatched. Mr snatcher walks away. 10-20 strides after, the wireless leash goes beyond range and snaps. My phone, in the snatcher's pocket vibrates and gives a ten second countdown. A PIN is required to deactivate the leash. If no PIN is entered, the alarm activates. My phone screams: "SNATCHER! SNATCHER! SNATCHER ANG MAY HAWAK NITONG PHONE!".

An optional electric shock goes off at the cellphone owner's push of a button.

The snatcher gets the electric shock of his life and let's go of the phone. HA! Serves him right.

- edwin
blogging while commuting

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  • At 7:49 pm, Blogger andre faura said…

    smart id edwin! you may wanna add a voice modulel there that would tell the snatcher: "SAY SORRY TO THE VICTIM, or else, THIS CELL WILL SELF-DESTRUCT IN 15 SECONDS!"


    -andre, oooooops, sorry this is Diliman. haha! you got it figured out bud!


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