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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Techie Madre - Yahoo Himala!

Sister Malou is a Holy Spirit Sister. I met her through my wife, Maya, when we went to Sister Malou's area in Tarlac. They assist Aeta communities through an education program.

When Sister Malou and my wife were at a workshop last week, Sister offered to pray over configure Maya's phone, a Nokia 3530.


When Maya got home, she had a grin on her face. After dinner, I got my phone, Brosia, and started texting. I thought she'd give me the "Nandito naman ako, sino naman ang tine-text mo! ;-)" line.

But NooOoo. Maya got her cellphone and started texting too! Five minutes... Ten minutes later, she was still texting like crazy! She'd sometimes smirk or send out a snicker from what she read. Then text again like crazy!

I started to think, ala-Safeguard commercial, "Sino naman ang ka-text ni Maya? Nandito naman ako!" Then, my "konsensya" couldn't bear it anymore. My thoughts spilled out like water from a breaking dam "Sino tine-text mo??!!"

Maya smiled. She just said, "Wala".

Now I was confused as ever! "Huh?! What are you doing, ciren?"

Maya smiled. "Nag-e-email..." [insert smirk here!]

I couldn't reply. I just let out a whimper which i swallowed back.

Thanks to our Techie Madre friend, Maya is now able to check her Yahoo email and Yahoo instant messaging on her Nokia 3530 via WAP over Globe GPRS.

And here's the big himala config that Sister Malou gave Maya:

Load that URL and you'll be able to do Yahoo mail or Instant Messaging from your phone.

Note: GPRS charges apply
Hope you'll be able to e-mail from your phone. If not, ask Sister Malou. Or better yet, just pray instead. ;-)

- Edwin
After watching Farenheit 9/11 and Kill Bill I

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