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Monday, October 18, 2004

Suki, Just Pay me Via G-cash

Wallet na ang Cellphone mo!Globe says of G-cash: "Wallet na ang Cellphone mo!"

And their quite right. Given the existing scheme, ANYbody can accept payments via G-cash. You don't need to be a Mercury Drug or a National Bookstore to get G-cash payments.

A carinderia owner can get G-cash payments from sukis who want to reserve their favorite ulam...

Deebeedee boys can collect payments via G-cash. Magazine subscriptions or daily inspirational text messages can be paid thru G-cash. Airfagev contributions can be coursed through G-cash.

Possibilities are endless! Globe just gave small businessmen a way to collect payments without the need for face-to-face exchange of cash.

What will be my first G-cash transaction? I wonder...

- Edwin
in this aircon jeep, first day of class

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