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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Oh my Gosh, my Google! - Googling my PC

It just keeps getting better and better!

Google released a free program that allows users to search their PC files using Google's search technology.

Dubbed "Desktop Search", the beta version is available at

I gave it a test run just now. It was scarily soooo fast! I think it was scary because it made the program look omniscient! The app whopped out all Excel, Word and Internet Explorer cached files from my PC relevant to my keyword. It could also search Outlook mail, text files, Jpegs, wmv's, among others.

The program installer is a mere 442Kb and is free. Upon initial run, Desktop Search creates an index of the PCs files. Desktop Search can be thought of as having a "photographic memory" of your PC files, as put by an article on the Asian Wall Street Journal (print edition, Page M8, Oct 15).

We compared it to Windows XP's built-in file search -- the one with a dog wagging its tail. Google Desktop Search came up with 16 files in less than a second. Using the same keywords, WinXP's search came up with 7 files in 20 seconds. Three, then 5 minutes later, it was still searching... and, at the same time, slowing down the PC.

I just realized Google's secret weapon for searching both web and PC: cache. The cache or index that it creates allows the search engine to search so fast, there isn't any time to blink!

We installed the software twice. First, in Maya's PC. But we uninstalled it half an hour later because we got the impression that the cache of the PC files was being stored in a remote server. Privacy Issues! Uninstall agad!

Our second installation was at home, on an offline PC. It turned out that the cache was stored locally. No private info was being sent to any server. I verified this via Google Desktop's Privacy Statement. After reading the Privacy Statement, my usual trust in Google was restored.

In a nutshell: Google Desktop search helps me search all files in my PC. This allows me to forget where I put my files and just search for them later. Great for un-organized blokes like me.

This Desktop Search is still in Beta version and it already kicks butt! Google will just get beta and beta with what they do best: innovate.

Cheers to Google!

Now, when will they have a program that let's people search their soul?

- edwin
maya goes to nenoy

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