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Sunday, October 17, 2004

G-cash = Everybody's Remittance Service

My friend Ronald in Cuyo, Palawan could very well set-up his own remittance business in Cuyo with the existing G-cash service.

Here's how:

Ronald tells students that anytime they receive G-cash from their father, they can encash it through Ronald.

The student just needs to pass, for example, P1,000 worth of G-cash and Ronald gives the student P950 (P50 service fee, for example).

Ronald then sends the G-cash to his sister, Belle, who is in a city near a Globe business center. Belle encashes (Globe's term for this is "cash-out") the G-cash for P1,000 plus a 1% service fee. That gave Ronald and Belle a P40 revenue for the service they provided to the student.

(In turn, Belle uses this cash to provide Ronald with the needed Autoload Max load to be sold to other customers in Cuyo.)

From the point of view of the student, he paid only P50 to instantly encash money sent by his dad.

The whole transaction -- from Dad cashing-in the P1,000 at Globe Manila, to Dad sending G-cash, to student receiving G-cash, to student cashing-out (encashing G-cash) the P1,000 -- may take as little as ten minutes! One third of the time of Western Union!

Is it worth P50? Oh yes! Especially if there are many Ronalds accessible anytime.

G-cash has made cash (or G-cash) more fluid, more transferable despite the geographic barriers of our archipelago.

The thing is: Walang Globe signal sa Cuyo! Smart lang! Mwahahahaha!

Kaya nga ina-abangan ko ang katumbas ng G-cash ng Smart. Smart's wider cellsite coverage will take better advantage of this mobile currency. It will bring this mobile currency down to the farmer's worn hands.

Our money flies! Let it soar!

- Edwin
Got to do MRR

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