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Friday, July 01, 2005

Hotspot Hunting: Podium

Last night, Maya and I were at Podium in Ortigas center. On my back was Fiona in her kunwari-hindi-laptop Samsonite backpack bag.

Maya asked me with a faint smile at the edge of her lips: "Meron kayang WiFi dito?"

I said knowingly: "I don't think so. Kung meron, eh 'di dapat may mga WiFi posters o stickers na nag-a-announce na hotspot ito."

Just then, we reached our dining place - a Filipino-Japanese resto at the 5th floor. There was a gentleman dining and he had his laptop on. He appeared to be web surfing.

Tonight's appetizer: Eat your words!

Before Maya could stop me, I blurted out audibly: "Naka-WiFi ka?"

The gentleman's eyes looked up, a boyish smile flashed and he replied, trembiling, as if I was a long lost friend: "Oo, full signal!"

Gentleman and I started to exchange notes, about how there's a hotspot too at SM Megamall yada yada yada...

He kept with his excited long-lost-friend tone. I maintained my faked-indifference as if the newly discovered hotspot didn't matter to me. In the meantime, Maya took the opportunity to download some updates.

We had dinner and didn't let Fiona get in the way. After dinner, we looked down from the 5th level to the lounge at the 2nd level. There was my newfound long-lost-WiFi-hunter-friend surfing away as a piano played a tune in the background.

Maya and I headed home. Another make-over hotspot-hunting mission accomplished.

Fade-in Mission Impossible theme: Charan charan charan charan chan-chan, Charan charan charan charan chan-chan ...

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