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Friday, July 29, 2005

Load, load, load your phone, gently down the web....

I frequently monitor my site statistics. I get hits from Google searches and one of the common searches is “send load to the Philippines”. I didn’t realize until this afternoon that I am on top of the search results.

Visitors get an article from November 2004, “Send cellphone load from other countries” about a service of Globe making AutoloadMax retailers available around the world. But this is not what people are looking for.

So it’s about time I write about two online services that allow users to send load through the web: and .... e-loads/e-pins
First up is established by Erik Kalugdan, maker of InfoTXT (GiveMeUnlimited) SMS software and 3-time winner of the e-services awards. allows online loading of cellphones, internet pre-paid cards, network gaming, PLDT phone cards and others. It accepts payments via PayPlus which makes use of Bancnet and Megalink ATMs in the Philippines.

When Erick presented at the NCC, he also discussed how can be used for a loading business. He explained that cellphone load is discounted on and that users can make a profit by getting cellphone load online and retailing the load to officemates or friends.

Downside: So far, this service can be used by Bancnet and Megalink clients only. I’m quite sure Erick is putting together a credit card payment system. Just visit to see updates of the service. is a younger player established by online friend Arnold Gamboa. caters to cellphone load of the three mobile phone telcos in the Philippines; Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular. The website has a more appealing user interface. It makes me feel like it’s easier to transact with .

Another interesting feature is the forums page. That would give a little more customer support, but so far I haven't seen much activity there. Well, the service is new, afterall.

Etoload has a promo that gives out additional 10% load to early registrants. accepts payments via credit card.

The Verdict:

If you’re abroad and need to send load to the Philippines, is for you (you’ll need a credit card).

If you’re in the Philippines and need to load all sorts of prepaid cards, is for you (you’ll need a Megalink or Bancnet ATM).

I’d like to invite users of the two services to share their feedback. Have you used the online loading services? Are you satisfied? Encountered any problems? Share naman diyan!

Ka edong
budding technopreneur
budding as in flower bud. Not the third sex kind of budding! ;-p

P.S. Ooops! there's more! See upcoming article for another dose of online loading.


  • At 12:04 pm, Blogger Jepoy said…

    etoload's using 2checkout as payment gateway... it's not allowed! Hehehe. Yan isa sa problema namin ngayon. Bawal loads. :(

    Dear Sir,

    Top-ups for prepaid GSM cellphones will not be permitted.
    money remittances is not permitted.

    Thank You,
    Neva Johnson
    Risk Analyst

  • At 2:33 pm, Blogger Drake Darwin said…

    About two or three weeks ago i was trying to load up my globe using I was kinda upset as it keeps on asking my pasword every now and then. That was the first time it happen. I used to load up and I've been doing that a lot of times and I was happy.... Now, I am not comfortable of going back to their website, I would rather go to an ATM booth and reload manually.

  • At 10:35 pm, Anonymous Erick Kalugdan said…

    Good news to all subscribers, including OFWs! now accepts payments via ATM, credit card, paypal or bank deposits!

    For more info (and discounts), visit

  • At 5:24 pm, Anonymous Arnold Gamboa said…

    Hi Ka Edong,

    If not for the trackback from my personal site (, i could have not realized you featured etoload ( here. Thanks a lot.

    True, aside from the credit card security problem with encountered with, they also notified us that they are not allowing GSM reloading. That made us shift to other providers. Right now, were using moneybookers( as the primary processor and ikobo ( as an alternative. We're not really happy with both, though. Money bookers is great -- it's just that the reach is so limited. And we want to reach as many OFWs as possible.

    Right now, we're still on the look out for possible cc processing alternatives. There're are a lot of things we want to do with etoload. But we just couldn't proceed on with out a stable cc processor.

    Thanks again.



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