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Thursday, July 22, 2004


I dropped by my yahoogroups mailing lists. Ph-mobile's Jim Ayson asks a pop question: What's our current count of mobile phone subscribers in the Philippines?

Forum members are quick to share these estimates: 15Million (Smart), 10M (Globe), 0.6M (Sun) plus a few hundred thousand on Nextel and others. That brings us to around 26Million cellphone subscribers in the Phils.

Tutal, clueless na rin lang ako sa balita, let me share some excerpts from a case I read today:
Projected Demand for Cellular Mobile Telephone Service*
Year - Cellphone Subscribers
1992 - 0.09 Million
1994 - 0.10
2000 - 0.70
2002 - 0.75
2004 - 1.75
2010 - 1.52
* from the National Telecommunications Development Plan (NTDP), info dated July 2003.
Obviously, the government was clueless that the Philippine mobile industry was to grow more than 250% in ten years.

Clueless. I wonder what the govt's projections for economic growth was ten yrs ago.

- edwin
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Link(s): Some NTDP info


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