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Monday, August 02, 2004

Look Ma! No wires!

Wireless TukayoMy tukayo (namesake), Edwin de Nicolas, has all sorts of gadgets in his knapsack. Last week, we were in a rush to print our report for our second class that morning.

He whipped up his portable Cannon printer an Asus laptop. Then, in a few seconds, he was printing our report!

Wireless Printing via IRHmmm.... something's fishy ... I don't see any cables.

Yup yup! No cables. No power cable for the laptop, no power cable for the printer (it has it's own built-in rechargable battery) and no data cable between the laptop and the printer! He was using Infra Red. Neat, huh? Just the thing you need when you're out in the woods and you want to write a letter to mom.


Edwin says this technology is 3 years old. I guess so. But it's not everyday that we see wireless printing.

I myself have printed wirelessly via IR from my SmartPhone to a Canon Printer. It prints rather well, especially on photo paper. Credits to my super-galing SmartPhone, Brosia!

Two wallet-size photo prints using a canon printer directly connected to a digital camera. Top photo has edwin showing the small white printer (size of a CD case). Second photo shows edwin and airfagev friends DarXkin (Randy) and David-Ruffin (Reggie)I've also tried out printing directly from a camera to a printer via canon's ... what do the call it ... photo bridge (?) / print bridge (?). There's a built-in print menu in the digital camera. Then they attach a cable from the camera to the compatible printer. They have wallet size photo paper. Then, you'll have your cutie-cutie photo of you and your friends in no time. I'll post a picture of the pictures next time.

Edwin (Soriano da pogi, not Edwin de Nicolas da gwapo)

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  • At 3:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    my phone got stolen several minutes after our picture was taken!

    it's all edong's fault!! huhuhu :(


  • At 6:33 pm, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    sabi na nga, psycho itong isang ito, eh! ;-)

    bro, may new tanagirlie ka na naman, eh. get over tanagrrrrrl!

    stay kewl. see you later sa bowling bro.



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