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Saturday, August 07, 2004

The VAS difference

I go to the Globe Hub and Smart Wireless Centers every so often to check out the latest phones. (See Mr. Suave's Star Trek Phone)

Today, I did the rounds but focused more on the latest Value Added Services (VAS) and promos of both telcos. Here's a brief round-up of the latest ones based on my pamphlet raid.


6 gives, 0% interest; 12 gives, low interest - various handsets bundled with various subscriptions. Handsets aren't free, nor are they purchased in one go. Instead, you buy the handset in 6 or 12 installments.

Japan-to-Phils Share-a-load - uses an international rechargeable card in Japan to transfer load from a Japayuki's cellphone to a Philippine cellphone. Credit is deducted from the Japayuki's rechargeable card.

Globe Autoload via Credit Cards - requires SMS registration of credit card. You can load your phone or another phone and credit will be deducted from your credit card.

20% Libre Load - promo for autoloadmax retailers. Basically gives load or raffle prize incentives for retailers to increase sales of load.

Insured Ka Na Ba? - You get accident insurance of up to P250,000. You need to send in your P15 every 15 days. Failure to send your contribution terminates your insurance coverage. (Hrmmm... nasty! - Ed) (See; tel 02-9102000)

Globe call n text collect - With or without load, this service allows you to txt n call collect. The recepient/called party should register the sender/caller's number.

Golden and Preferred numbers - Globe Hub branches have a bulletin board of "nice" numbers, eg 092x8881188 or 092x1234123. These are prepaid numbers and they cost P5,500 (Golden - repeating numbers, especially 8's) or P2,750 (Preferred - just nice numbers).


MyISP - via your cellphone, get a dial-up username and password. 5-hours Internet for P15 which will be deducted from your cellphone load. (See this discussions on myISP)

Textmate - register your your username, ASL (age, sex, location) and the service helps find a match for you. In essence, it's a service that facilitates text flirting.

Smart Multi-Line SIM - for Smart Gold subscribers, you can have up to five lines in one SIM. Hmmmm... ngayon ko lang narinig ito a, but that's how I understand the flyer. A menu in the SIM allows you to switch lines. Now, what person would need five lines?! (I could imagine eating my words in a few years)

Smart Padala - "The world's 1st International Cash remittance through text". In brief, an OFW goes to a Smart Remittance Partner abroad, sends money, then the recepient gets the money via a SmartMoney cash card.

Me and my friend, Cong in Malaysia, have done this on a small scale. Others have done it too (See Smart's claim of being first - not true.

But, hey, deploying it with this scale (London, athens, tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, LA and many others) - this is great, helps our OFWs! Hope they give Western Union a run for their money. I couldn't find the sending charges though. (Call Smart Padala hotline +632-845-7788; *7788 using a Smart Cellphone; 1-800-10-845-7788)

Partner - In essence, it encourages rural folk to put up a service of public-calling, public-texting and cellphone loading business. (tel 888-1111; *888 using a smart cellphone; 1-800-1888-2220)

This business can actually be done even without a promo. I guess what the partner promo does is it "legitimizes" charging your kamag-anak or kapit-bahay because it's formally re-packaged as a business. Here's to Smart and their ever-expanding user base. That's last mile for you.


The telcos are trying to out-do each other. As a result, we're getting more substatial and useful services.

- edwin
Next time: Sun Cellular services; my list of most wanted services (both real and fantasy services). Watch out for that ;-)

Smart Padala, Sweaty Padilla
Smart's killer app (On Money)

Some references:
Globe - customer service hotlines 730-1000 or 211 on any globe handyphone;

Smart - 888-1111; *888 using a smart phone;


  • At 10:06 pm, Blogger Ederic said…

    Amid all these promotions, I wish the telcos would try their best to decide on line applications. I've been waiting for the result of an application--which was even submitted through Smart employees--for more than two months already. Grabe. By the way, hope you could take a look at my "wireless journal" at

  • At 10:12 am, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    Hey Ederic,

    I visited your site. Nag-comment na rin ako duon, but i'
    m cross posting my comment here.

    Hmmmm.... curious ako how you do your text blogging. Which services are you using? I was able to do some text blogging back in may but I was using a combination of samu't saring services para lang maka-rating yung text ko sa blog ko.

    Hey, why don't you try mobile blogging via email? that way you're not limited to 160 characters. And it costs less (arnd P1 lang for 1,600 characters) than if you sent it through a P2.50/SMS service of globe or smart.

    Thanks for dropping by.


    ka edong

    ps. i heard a lot about pex. kumusta na nga ba ang pex ngayon? is the community gunning for the webby's this year?

  • At 3:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    was reading an online news on smart padala--very true--they're not the first ones to do this...

    bought and purchased a jvp (jesuit volunteers philippines) remitcard (donations via texting) last year...a small but very ingenious startup has been engaging a mobile money transfer system for donation/remittances/etc...more than a year ago...

    i think some regulating body has to verufy smart padala's claim of being the first--they just have the money to advertise and claim it on paper--but in reality they are moneyed copycats--


  • At 6:05 pm, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    I found the other remittance service. It's which launched a year ago. SmartPinoy also uses SmartMoney to deliver the remittance.

    It'll be easy for Smart to claim they're first. They just need to pepper their statement a bit with a qualifier, and their claim becomes valid.

    What organization are you connected with, Sonia? Nakita ko rin nga rin yung flyer ng Haribon, World Vision donation mechanism via SMS, eh. Have you tried it? Does it work well?

    - Edwin


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