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Saturday, October 16, 2004

G-Cash! M-Commerce is here!

They did it! Globe came out with a service that allows subscribers to pay for goods, movie tickets, boat tickets plus domestic remittance via cellphone!

They also have domestic remittance via LBC from Globe subscriber to Globe subscriber cell-to-cell. No card needed.

All this I gathered from a 30-second TV Ad featuring Gary Valenciano. I can't wait to read the details and try it out. They'll be in the papers tomorrow, in whole-page ads.

They call the currency G-Cash. It can probably buy goods from Globe affiliated stores. WG&A for ferry fare (doesn't that sound funny? Ferry fare), probably AyalaMalls for movie tickets, and ... Maybe Mercury Drug or other big and nationwide business establishments.

I bet they'll roll this out very soon for Jollibee. Soon, we'll be able to pay for our favorite Jollibee meals via G-Cash on our cellphones.

Smart already has SmartMoney which enables purchases via a card plus cellphone. Mobile Banking also adds to the choices of m-commerce transactions.

But having to acquire the card is a big limitation to consumer uptake. If Globe has effectively removed barriers to G-Cash usage, they just might overtake Smart with m-commerce implementation.

Best thing is: magpapa-talo ba naman ang Smart?

Whoa, it's happening already! Mobile commerce is here. Dami na itong kasunod, the possibilities are endless. But ... That's another story ... in fact, I've discussed this just recently. Read: Next Killer App - Load-to-Cash Conversion.

Halata ba, excited na excited ako?

- Edwin

Read: Next Killer App - Load-to-Cash Conversion, Edong's Dreams
Visit: For details on G-Cash visit, G-cash FAQs. Call Globe Hotline 211 from a Globe or TouchMobile phone. Text "G-Cash" to 2882 for inquiries.


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