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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Where's Gmail?

Hmmmm... weird. I haven't been able to access Gmail for the past hour. All other websites are accessible. What's up?

"Maybe they're temporarily off-line", I thought. Hmmmmm.... bad indication. Or maybe it's just my terminal.

I investigated via Google News. And guess what I found. Gmail via WAP!

It can be done. It's been done. But I haven't gotten to make it work. I asked fellow-Filipino and fellow blogger Arnold Gamboa if he was able to make it work. Kailan ko kaya mapapagana ito?

What I currently do to access gmail via mobile is -- I forward gmails to one of my private pop3 mailboxes. Tapos POP3 ang pag-download ko ng mails ko to my Smartphone, Brosia.

In the meantime, here are some links, try it out yourselves:

Google search: gmail wap, mobile gmail

Update: My gmail is back online. No problem. Arnold Gamboa replied, wasn't able to make Gmail via WAP work. I replied to him "give it a few more weeks or months and I'm sure it will come through."




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