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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Blogging Abstinence

I haven't been writing blogging much lately. It's not that it's my sacrifice for Lent. It's just that I want to graduate together with my classmates.

I've been working lately on my thesis. My thesis is about mobile commerce for microfinance. I'm working on a lot of juicy stuff. But I'll be quiet about it while we're polishing things. Sssssshhhhh...

I have a couple of articles in my mind. They've been there for a long time and I've swept them under my cranial carpet all these weeks. Here's a preview of some articles upcoming:

  • Edong's Dream: super secret title - Hwag ko muna isulat ang title. It will be a give away, eh. Pero the dream came about after a discussion with migs, abe and sassy on sponsored blogs. We had a series of emails to each other. This Edong's Dream came about a few days after we put the ideas to rest.
  • My G-Cash Affair Explorations: G-Cash Mines - I've been using G-Cash extensively over the past months. I've learned a few more things about G-Cash that I'd like to share. I also have a few ideas on "what could be". Ah ... ideas, ideas, ideas ...
  • Mano y Mano: Cash vs Smart Money vs G-Cash
  • Mobile Services for OFWs - We had a class last Monday and our guest was Winnie Monsod. It was a good exchange of ideas about how to help OFWs with their finances. So that they have something to come home to after years of toiling in a foreign land.
  • VAS Difference (Part III) - iluv of Smart, g2p of globe, person locator, starcaller (read about it on migs blog), Globe Kababayan, ano pa bang iba diyan?
  • Bagsakan na! - The call and text rates are dropping! What has happened? Di ko nga alam, di ako nakakapag-basa. Sina Arnold, estee, airwind, bobby, nakiki-balita pero 'la naman akong mai-alok. heto nalang muna, technorati search: sun cellular 24/7.
  • Blogshares!
To my regular visitors, thanks for coming back! Thanks for the comments too. Don't miss me too much! Konti lang! ;-)

And if you come to Technobiography and my articles are stale ... transfer to na-gets. At least that one I get to update almost everyday.




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