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Friday, March 11, 2005

Todo na ito! Call/Text rates are falling

TM Todo Text, Todo TawagTodo na ito! Just saw the TV ads of Touch Mobile (TM) last night. They're bringing down the prices! Ayos! The call it "Todo Tawag Text" for unlimited calls and "Todo Text" for unlimited text messages. (Update: Smart now has "Smart 25/8". Read on...)

Now, TM subscribers can call and text unlimited with the following rates:
* P50 for unlimited text messages (for 5 days)
* P300 for unlimited calls and text (for 30 days)
TM chose to offer unlimited text separately from unlimited calls/text. Sounds okay. I'm sure there are a lot of people who are not inclined (or who do not have enough to spare) to shell out P300 for unlimited calls/text.

TM's "promo" is slightly more expensive than the P250 call and text unlimited service of Sun Cellular. Sun's P250 is valid for 30 days and applies for both unlimited text and unlimited calls. There's a smaller denomination of P100 which is valid for 10 days.

TM says it's a "promo" (Promo Duration: March 8-April 7, 2005). I think they're just calling it that as a marketing strategy. I bet that this service will continue even after April 7.

So, will there be an exodus from Sun Cellular to TM?! You bet!

I spoke to my friend in Palawan and told her about TM's new service. She's excited to try it out! I personally want to try it out. I'll need to make many phone calls to the wab op my wayp when she goes out of town.

Will Smart join the low call/text rates band wagon?! You bet, Oh bet! Smart came out with "Smart 25/8". I'll send you to Mig's blog for details on "Smart 25/8".

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- Edwin


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