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Friday, July 29, 2005

Load load load your phone, load your phone ulit....

I featured two online loading services in my previous article: and .

But there's more! Lot's more!

  • - Credit card payments online with PayPal for Globe and Smart subscribers
  • - Only for Smart subscribers. I'm not clear about the payment method for this service.
  • - Buy Globe AutoloadMax via PayPlus using Megalink, Bancnet ATMs
  • Globe AutloloadMax Corporate Edition - A solution for enterprises for allotting prepaid load to their staff. It may as well be used as a loading business, I wonder if they Globe has clients that do that.
  • LoadXtreme - All sorts of prepaid load open for wholesalers and retailers.
I'd like to share a chat session I had with Richard of . It gives us an insight about the online loading business....
** You are now speaking with Richard D., Live Support Department. **
Richard D. : Hello, how may I help you?
ka edong : hi richard d
ka edong : what countries do you cater to? Which country is sending the most load to the Philippines?
Richard D. : The United States is the majority of our business
ka edong : i'm writing an article. in fact, the first part came out already ... sandali
Richard D. : I see, what other questions may I answer for you?
ka edong :
ka edong : how long do your transactions take? from payment to delivery of load?
Richard D. : Only about 1 hour on average
ka edong : What's the most serious problem you've encountered so far with your site?
ka edong : I've heard about hacking problems in other sites. have you experienced anything similar?
Richard D. : No, we have not had that problem.
ka edong : Would you have any figures that would indicate how big the online loading business is? like total load delivered per month?
ka edong : ballparks or a range would suffice
Richard D. : It is a pretty new concept. The market potential is great. We are gaining new customers daily. I am really not at liberty to discuss the financial details though, sorry.
ka edong : no problem.
ka edong : I think that will be all for now. I might login again later if I have more questions
ka edong : Thanks, Richard
Richard D. : Ok sure, or you can email me at
Richard D. : Thanks, and good luck with your article. Please let me know when it is published. Take care.
ka edong : hmmm... interesting ... i'll look up that 247 address.
Richard D. : Please do
ka edong : G'day. logging off

With the many loading services available online, which is the better one for you? I couldn't tell. Maybe some feedback from other users would be of more help. So, do share if you have any experience with these services.

Load away, folks!

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ka edong

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  • At 12:17 pm, Blogger Jepoy said…

    hmm.. how much kaya yung sa Hanap ako murang techsupot este techsupprt para sa store namin. Whehehe

  • At 12:17 pm, Blogger Jepoy said…

    ay.. pala. :P

  • At 9:30 pm, Blogger bizdriven said…

    Hi Edong,

    this is interesting stuff. Can you put a pointer again from to here?



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