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Friday, September 30, 2005

Technobiography has a new home!

Technobiography has a new home!

Technobiography has moved to a new home!
Please update your links.

Come to my Blog Warming week, Oct 3 to Oct 8, 2005.
Drop a note, bring a friend!

The place is still a bit cluttered, but there's enough there to read.
I assure you, there'll be something new everyday.

Thanks to Blogger for being a good host most of the time.
Thanks to Abe, Rain and Kates for helping me sa pag-Lipat Bahay.
Thanks to my readers for keeping me company in this blogging world.

Tuloy ang ligaya sa Technobiography. Tuloy po kayo ...

ka edong


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Technobiography has moved!
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