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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Speaking G-Cash-ese

We've got a G-Cash discussion going on Markku's blog. Here's what I posted just a while back:
I’m an outsider looking into G-Cash. So far, the business model I’ve seen Globe doing is that they’re earning through:
1.) SMS messages sent for G-Cash transactions
2.) service charges (which I believe is small compared to number 1 above).
3.) (theoretical) revenues from partner merchant fees (inserted on technobiography: fees charged by Globe *to* the partner merchant)

What I have not had the chance to observe is whether Globe is earning via fees (if any) Globe charges to partner merchants like National Bookstore or Burger King.

I think Globe is at the point where they’re still building up their merchant network; at the point where they still need to convince partner merchants to join the network.

My sense is that if and when Globe has established a good G-Cash network, other companies will start going to Globe and asking Globe: “You’re so galing, you have so many subscribers who can use G-Cash to pay my company. Can I join your merchant network?”

And _then_ Globe can go for revenues from partner merchant fees.

I was a Mercury Drug two weeks ago. I bought a pack of chocolates to demo G-Cash to my Vietnamese friend, Hien. And also to zero out some of my excess G-Cash. I asked the kahera whether they’ve been getting G-Cash transactions. The kahera (and bagger) estimate around 2 transactions per week (cough … measley! … cough cough).

ka edong
Join the fun discussion, comment here.

Oh, by the way ...
It is much easier to be critical than to be correct.
- Benjamin Disraeli, Speech at the House of Commons

edong tasyo

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  • At 8:17 am, Anonymous IvoRY said…

    Ka Edong... sa maniwala kat' sa inde..
    dalwang beses ko syang inulit-ulit pero di ko talaga maarok ....
    anu ba yang G-Cash??
    nahuhuli na ata aku pagdating sa teknolohiya.. wala na akung nalalaman..

    Mabohay ka!

  • At 11:23 am, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    Ms. Ivory Coast!

    Nahan ka? Are you familiar with pasa-load? or share-a-load? That's transfering pre-paid cellphone load from one subscriber to another.

    G-Cash is similar to that. pero imbis na cellphone load ang ipina-pasa, G-cash ang ipinapasa. itong G-Cash ay pwedeng i-tubos (convert to cash) or gamitin sa pag-bili ng gamit (national bookstore, burger king) or pag-bayad ng mga serbisyo (Gold's Gym etc.).

    Try these:
    G-Cash: My Accidental Friday G-mmick


    ka edong

  • At 11:34 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi ka-edong!

    i was really impressed on how you studied the "feasibility" of G-cash...your blog(s)were really informative!:)

    i was actually surfing the net, looking for "vital" information bout G-cash bcoz i am planning to incorporate it with one of my technical proposals...hehe good thing i read about ur blogs and now i can easily study and defend the adv and disav of it with the rest of r consultants...(hehehe)

    although, i am not saying that ur info wud suffice my just sumhow become a lil more versed wid wat gcash "really" offers??...hehe

    keep it up entice reading the rest of ur blogs :)


  • At 12:47 pm, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    Salamat, sircairam.

    ka edong


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