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Friday, June 10, 2005

Hotspot Hunting - Episode I (Baguio)

Hotspot Hunting by Ka EdongEpisode I (Baguio) is the last of a three part series on my WiFi Hotspot Hunting experiences. My series ends where I began hotspot hunting: In Baguio, my hometown. So, where to or where not to hunt for WiFi in Baguio? Read on...

There will be more hunting stories in the future. Thanks to those who followed this series. Next week's series: MRT Musings

Here I was taking Kurdapia to Baguio for the first time. I just purchased my MSI WiFi card just before going up to Baguio. I sooo excited to catch a WiFi hotspot in the cool afternoon mist of Baguio.

I did some Googling before starting my hunt. I gathered from some forum discussions that there were hotspots at ...SM Baguio, at PILTEL building along session road, at the Filling Station at John Hay. So, I went off to do some hotspot hunting.

My first try was SM Baguio. Got HUB – an internet shop – was said to have a free-access hotspot. But Kurdapia couldn’t find any hotspot there. I moved on to Figaro. I wasn’t in the mood for coffee so I just sat along the corridor overlooking Baguio’s downtown city proper. I did get a WiFi signal. I had a weak signal from where I was. My computer said that I was connected to the Hotspot. But I couldn't load any webpages. I had other things to do (errands – inutusan akong bumili ng bagoong) so I packed up and moved on.

In the evening, I asked my brother to join me in my hunting. He drove for me while I kept an eye at kurdapia’s WiFi signal indicator. We drove to John Hay and parked right in front of the Filling Station – a fastfood/café of sorts. I did get an internet connection there.

That was my first time. My first time to connect to a webpage via WiFi through Kurdapia. Yes, I was no longer a WiFi virgin. But the only webpage I could load was the Airborne Access log-in page. Herks. I didn't have any Airborne Access log-in, nor did I know where to get one. Besides, I wasn't willing to pay for WiFi access when I knew I could get access for free at school.

(Later in my lifetime, I gave in and tried out a paid airborne access card. Read about it in Episode II – Manila Malls).

Next, we went to PILTEL building near the top of Session road. I was guessing the hotspot was emanating from the Netopia internet shop in the same building. But, from the car parked along the street right in front of PILTEL: NADA – no WiFi hotspot from where I was. Binali-baliktad ko na ang laptop ang pag-park ng kotse, pati na rin ang pag-tingin ko sa laptop ko. But the fabled WiFi signal at the Piltel building was not to be found.

So, where did I get my Internet connection for that night? At home! Via dial-up! Shucks, so much for my first Hotspot Hunting escapade in Baguio!

Let’s try again in a few months, baka may bago sa Baguio.

Know of other WiFi hotspots in the Baguio? Share naman, tell us about them. Tapos subukan ko sa sunod na pag-punta ko sa Baguio.

Know of any hotspots in tourist destinations outside Manila? Share naman! Para hindi ma-disappoint ang kaibigan kong si Nocs pag nabasa niya itong article ko! ;-)

Ka edong the haunter

Read: Hotspot Hunting - Episode II (Manila Malls), Episode III (UP Diliman)

Next week's series: MRT Musings - Cellphones to get on the train? Pwede kaya? Paano kaya?


  • At 5:34 pm, Blogger MhacLethCalvin said…

    Hello Ka Edong,
    Hehehe.. Baguio Boy ka pala. I thought you found some free hot spot here. ;) Just like you I googled for a hotspot and found what you found. However, I do not have a WiFi to test it. :(
    Bayaan mo, pag nagkaroon dito sa seminary (Phil.Baptist Theological Seminary) libre kitang pa-su-surf-in. :) I'm the net admin here. Yun nga lang, baka matagalan pa. Kasi, medyo prohibitive pa ang price nya. If I can talk them into buying an Access Point, we can have it. Then you can be my guest. :)

  • At 5:35 pm, Blogger MhacLethCalvin said…

    Oo nga pala, atin-atin lang ito ha... ;)

  • At 10:18 pm, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    Hi Mhac,

    PBTS ... 'di ba 'yan yung sa may Easter school banda? Diyan kinasal ang brother ko three months ago. ;-)

    Have you seen "kapitan" setup a low-cost WiFi Hotspot sa isang barangay sa mindanao.

    Sige, i'll take that offer for WiFi Access sa inyo. Balitaan mo ako, 'k?


    ka edong

  • At 2:24 pm, Blogger MhacLethCalvin said…

    Yeah. Malapit nga kami sa Easter School. I am still on the process of acquiring the equipment. hehehe.. i need to convince my boss that he needs it. :)

    By the way, dito pala kinasal ang brother mo.. cool.
    Sige, timbrehan kita pag on na yung WiFi namin. :)

  • At 5:42 pm, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    > hehehe.. i need to convince my boss that he needs it. :)

    'Yan ang challenge! sige, pagbutihin mo ang ispeech mo.

    Goodluck, Mhac!

    ka edong


  • At 1:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Airborne has hotspots in Starbucks John Hay and SM Baguio. Also at Seattle's Best in SM Baguio.

    Di sya libre pero at least siguradong merong signal...unless mag-down na naman ang DSL sa Baguio....


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