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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hotspot Hunting Episode II (Manila Malls)

Hotspot Hunting by Ka EdongEpisode II (Manila Malls) is the second of a three part series on my WiFi Hotspot Hunting experiences. Episode III set in UP Diliman. The third will come out on June 10 about hunting in Baguio.
It hadn’t been easy finding a good WiFi Hotspot considering my needs requirements: it had to be free. Free - because that’s the kind of WiFi Hotspot I access in school at AIM.

About a month after buying a WiFi LAN card for Kurdapia, my laptop, it still kept me wondering whether I’d be able to sniff out a couple of hotspots around the malls in Metro Manila.

I tried WiFi access on Kurdapia at Robinson’s Galleria while dining with my wife at Thai Kitchen. Kurdapia was able to find an Airborne Access hotspot. But I needed a username and password. I didn’t have any.

In the Zone in Cyberzone

Another time, I was at Megamall at the Cyberzone. I was waiting for my wife at one of the cafés in the zone when I noticed the lady on the next table. She had her wireless internet connection up and was surfing the net! I asked the waitress what I needed to connect to the hotspot. She said “Sir wala naman ata. Basta nalang silang nag-bubukas ng computer at nag-su-surf.”

So I booted-up Kurdapia. I was soooo excited to access the internet from a café. But the bad news was – Kurdapia didn’t have enough power in her battery. Shucks. I ended up doing a shutdown, shut-up and settle for reading the magazines. Sayang. I haven’t gotten back to trying that hotspot in Cyberzone.

There was this huge billboard at Shangri-La Edsa mall that announced that the entire mall was a hotspot. I always imagined myself going to Shang from home and accessing their WiFi internet connection for free. That hasn’t happened and I think it will never happen. Unless airborne access gives me some free access.

Some WiFi links

I finally used a paid WiFi hotspot at Power Plant mall last April. My classmates and I went rock-climbing there. After climbing two walls, I had to take a recess from the walls for a Skype appointment I had with my sister in Australia. I purchased a drink at Seattle’s best, a P100 airborne access pre-paid card which gave me 1 hour of internet access and then I cozied up in soft sofa. We had a perfect voice call going with my sister using Skype and the Airborne Access WiFi wireless Internet connection.

Considering that my sister and I got to talk for almost an hour, sulit naman yung P100 na binayad ko. Of all my calls through skype, that call I made via Airborne Access from Seattle’s best in Power Plant was so far the clearest.

But then there was this hotspot hunting trip I did with my brother in Baguio. Do you know where to find WiFi hotspots in Baguio or where to not? Watch out for Hotspot Hunting Episode I (Baguio).

Know of other WiFi hotspots in the metro? Share naman, tell us about them. Especially if they’re free! Mwahahaha!

Read: Hotspot Hunting - Episode III (UP Diliman), Episode I (Baguio)

Ka edong the haunter
Guess where Maya and I are now! At cyberzone with Fiona and Kurdapia, surfing! One happy family, hahaha! ;-) Ma-upload na nga itong story na ito ... 7 Jun 2005


  • At 6:15 pm, Blogger watson said…

    Ka Edong! Wow. I guess knowing that your laptop has wifi access is an instant temptation to checking out hotspots. Sooo... wifi cards are a tad more expensive than the dial-up ones. What speed were you able to attain?

  • At 8:15 pm, Anonymous rL said…

    Sa mga airports (NAIA, Mactan etc..) kaya natin, available na rin kaya? Kung meron man, dapat free like most airports around the world.

  • At 10:03 pm, Anonymous Paul said…

    Nasubukan ko na ang Wifi ng Globequest sa Mactan airport at sa Ayala Cebu, when it was still free and noong may bayad na. All you have to do was send an SMS message to Globe and bibigyan ka ng userid at password.

    Sa NAIA Terminal 1, sa loob ng airline lounges may Wifi daw pero may bayad. Sa Terminal 2 at sa Domestic wala. Sa Davao airport wala

    Balita ko last year na may balak din daw ang Smart na gayahin ang on-demand access ng Wifi via SMS tulad ng Globe pero wala pang update.


  • At 9:43 am, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    I didn't observe the speed. But it's probably DSLspeed or better.

    Once upon a time, we tried that Globe-GlobeQuest service rin (circa Nov2004). It was on promo: text using your globe phone and you get a username and password valid for 24-hours only. Now i believe it's a paid service na. Your GlobeQuest billing will come out sa Globe post-paid bill. Tama ba Paul?

    Thanks for the info re airports, paul. Jetsetter ka pala ;-)

    Ako jeep, bus at tricycle ang kadalasang sinasakyan ko. Balitaan ko kayo kung may nahanap akong wifi hotspot sa terminal ng jeep :-p !

    ka edong

  • At 6:30 pm, Anonymous Paul said…

    As of April 'di na libre ang Globequest WiFi access. PHP 2/minute ang charge if you buy access from your postpaid Globe Handyphone. Actually mabilis din siya. 512 kbps class ang bandwidth.


  • At 10:33 pm, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    P2 per minute? P120 per hour. Just a bit more expensive than Airborne access P100 per hour.

    and a lot more expensive than "free"! ;-)

    Mr Smith


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