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Monday, May 30, 2005


I’m here, I’m here! For those who have missed me, even just a little bit, I’m here.

In the first quarter of the year when I was extremely busy with academics and my thesis, I always found time to write an article or two each week.

Now that I am out of school (yes, I have joined the ranks of our country’s out of school youth), I haven’t written much. It’s ironic that the past two weeks I haven’t been able to blog.

I have so much to write about, so many ideas in my mind to turn into written words. My thumb hasn’t been fast enough to mobile blog my ideas. When will my blogging pace ever catch up with my thoughts?

Yet to blog:
Hotspot hunting
Edong Skype-walker
My LTO adventure
Norah Jones, Superstar
Pambansang technologies (TV, Radyo, Videoke, DVD)
Bat Edong goes to Gateway
Ka Edong explained
Ka Edong’s dreams concealed (or censored?)
I played Gunbound in 1993!
ka edong
naghahabol ....


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