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Friday, August 12, 2005

"Biyahe Tayo" Blog

It’s our second trip together, Maya and I, to a foreign country. In 2003, we went to Hong Kong. It’s a lot of fun going on a tour. There’s a lot to learn and experience in traveling.

Among other places, we’ve also gone to Cagayan de Oro, Bohol and Davao together. Maya has traveled most parts of Mindanao in connection with her work. I’ve gone to Cuyo, Palawan and to Sagada. These are some of the places we plan to blog about in the future.

I also realized that when planning a tour, it’s important to have enough relevant information about a place. For us, first-timers in Singapore, it would have been nice if we got some tips from fellow travelers who have gone ahead of us. In turn, Maya and I would like to share some of our travel tips for those who will come after us.

So, watch out for Biyahe Tayo! (, our latest blog. You’ll soon find some travel tips and info there.


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