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Friday, August 12, 2005

Singapore at 40


That’s the word I use to describe my experience in Singapore. Inspiring because in the span of 40 years of independence (Singapore was “booted out” of the Malaysian Federation in 1965), they’ve grown from third world to first world. They pulled it off despite the lack of natural resources, despite being a very young country, despite being a small country (Davao is bigger than Singapore), despite the many races that thrive in Singapore (Singaporeans are a mix of Chinese 77%, Malays ~12%, Indians ~7% and Eurasians and other minorities).

They made it! They made it work! And impressively!

Maya and I saw a photo exhibit at the Singapore National library. And from the photos, we saw that just 20 years ago, there was a lot of crime and many gangs, people didn’t have food and homes, the Singapore river was polluted. But now there is an almost zero crime rate, 90% of their people live in subsidized housing (their flats always have a swimming pool nearby) and the Singapore River is host to tourists and promenading lovers.

My dad’s take on Singapore is: “They had no choice. It was a matter of pride.”

And I feel it. I feel the Singapore pride. Not the pompous pride. But the pride that tells me: “Singaporeans have excelled despite the odds.”

They made it! They made it work! And impressively!

The Philippines too can make it! Yes, we can! and I won't hear otherwise.


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