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Monday, August 22, 2005

Looking for PESO Teammates

I've been blogging on Pinoy.Tech.Blog the past week. And doing other stuff too, of course. That explains why Technobiography hasn't been updated much lately.

But here's one for anybody interested. And I mean interested and committed. I'm joining the Philippine Emerging Startup Open. Basically, it's a "pagalingan ng business plan" contest.

Some say Filipinos are good at planning, but not good at implementing. Well I say, plan first and if the plan makes the investors smile, you're off to a good start.

The prize for the best business plan: capital infusion from investors. It has to be a technology-enabled business plan.

I have a business in mind and I'm looking for teammates work with me. Are you up to it?

I'm searching for teammates:
1.) with a finance/banking background
2.) non-techie business management student comfortable making presentations

I will be the techie-na-rin in the group.

I'm a also open to having a fourth teammate based outside the
Philippines. Consider this an experiment in online team collaboration.
Drop me an email if you're interested. Tell me something about yourself and what you'd like to gain from joining the team and the PESO challenge.

ka edong


  • At 2:11 pm, Anonymous chris said…

    sir! *waves hand up in the air*


    ano ang commitment level required?

  • At 6:52 pm, Anonymous ka edong on Pinoy.Tech.Blog said…

    (made this up in 5 minutes)
    Chris and others interested:

    * attend PESO participants' enrichment seminars (see peso website)
    * coordinate with team via online chat, email etc.
    * team workshop (half-day) every four weeks or so.
    * team gimmick (whole night!) every four weeks or so ;-)

    * Most important requirement: The drive to excell and win!

    - ka edong


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