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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Happy Birthday!

It is *not* my birthday.

But today, my Google Adsense is one year old.

I referred to Google Adsense at first as "passive income" when I told a friend about it last year.

And after one year, I haven't reached that elusive US$100! hahaha! I'm up to a measely US$88.78 total and at this rate, it'll take me until Christmas before I get that cheque!

I haven't been putting much time into improving my Google revenue. But with Abe and Marc's infectious articles on pushing for Google revenue, I am starting bit by bit to spruce up some of my Google ads.

I failed to celebrate my Technobiography Birthday (April 11) and my Gmail birthday (19 June 2005).

I made sure to make a post about my Google Adsense birthday.

Happy Birthday, my google adsense! Blowout naman diyan!


ka edong
(what's that smell? \c")/


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