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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Cellphones Reloaded

Just some notes: Jollijeep AutoloadMax, Smart-to-Globe "pasa-loading", Reloaded without permission from Money Loading Stations

Jollijeep AutoloadMax - wala lang. I had lunch at one of the Jollijeeps (Carinderias in Makati which used to be housed in jeeps) behind our school. Then I saw this AutoloadMax flourescent lamp in the jeep. Now you can get AutoloadMax from the carinderia manangs. They say the SIMs were given to them for free. not bad ....

Smart-to-Globe "pasa-loading" - I was very interested (and skeptical) when I read cris' message on my tagboard saying

cris: pwede n ngayon makpagpasalod khit smart to globe or vise versa .. 09224418061 (
My initial reaction was "great! Where could I read about it?" ... but how come I hadn't heard about it elsewhere? I'm skeptical about this pasa-loading from smart to globe and vice versa happening in the near future. Although it would be great if it does happen. But here are my reasons:

  • Cellphone load is a product. Would telco X allow customer to exchange product X for product Y and provide the infrastructure services of telco X for product Y?
  • There are all sorts of load discounts and promotions of each telco that makes a "P30 load" non-standard and thus, non-interchangeable. Example, every now and then, there's a promo that says "buy product A at store B and you'll receive free P50 worth of cellphone load from telco X". This promotion is a tie-up between three companies: A, B and X. That P50 worth of load was an internal arrangement between the three parties. This P50 worth of Telco X load *cannot* be converted to Telco Y load because Y isn't in on the tie-up of three companies.
  • The telcos are in a head to head competition. There is (as yet) no real reason for them to cooperate. This is also the same reason why I think that their G-Cash and SmartMoney services will continue to be two distinct and incompatible islands of m-commerce.
  • But you know, it would be good to dream about this. When the markets are mature, the markets saturated, maybe the telcos (or the NTC) might find a good reason for this kind of service to transpire between the telcos.
But lo and behold, cris advertisement wasn't like what I imagined afterall. It turns out that Cris is a service provider. They have a SIM that allows cellphone load retailers to send load to both Smart and Globe. Bottom-line: you no longer need two SIMs (and thus, don't need two cellphones) to run a cellphone load retailing business. Cris, your claim is misleading ...and so is my matrix reloaded image, huh? ;-).

Oh well, read about their service at

Smart Money Loading Stations - I noticed this January that there were banners hailing "Smart Money Loading Stations" around the metropolis, in busy street corners. I thought "Great step forward! now I don't need to go to Smart business center nor use Mobile Banking to load up on Smart Money."

I walked up to one of those stations. The lady tells me she couldn't load my Smart Money. She tells me that she loads only the Smart Money accounts of those that she activated. Hmmmm????!!! Okay, I get what she's saying, but why naman like that? ;-p

I called the Smart Money hotline (15177 from Smart cellphone) and this is what Lou said:

  • The loading stations are meant for e-load retailers.
  • The Smart Money loading stations are run by e-load wholesalers (distributors) and they are using Smart Money for retailers to pay the wholesalers when they order more e-load.
  • Thus, the retailer does not need to bring cash to a wholesaler when the retailer needs more e-load to sell.
  • There are some Smart Money loading stations that accept Smart Money loading of walk-in customers (non-retailers). But Lou says, there are some who charge 5% for Smart Money loading.
Ahh... ganun pala yun. Not such a great step forward, afterall. How come it's taking so long to simplify Smart Money transactions for dumbos like me?
There. End of sharing.

- Edwin

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Search Technobiography: Smart, Smart Money


Wednesday, January 26, 2005

3G's: Gmail, G-Cash, G ebay

Nyehehe :-p

Took a tip from a fellow-blogger, wysgal. She sells her gmail invites via She receives payments via G-Cash. (This is exactly what I meant when I suggested that G-Cash look into becoming a payment gateway for web transactions). In one of her posts, she reports earning P55 G-Cash selling Gmail over G ebay. Gee!

I took the tip. I opened an ebay account. Then posted my item: Gmail invites. Was excited about my first ebay transaction (not to mention selling an item using G-Cash) ... until!

Until I found out that there were more than 50 Gmail invites being sold at . Some were being "sold" for FREE and in bulk.

Oh well, I'm not monitoring my ebay items. I wasn't in it for the money. I just wanted to see how ebay transactions went about. I'm not expecting any bidders. Oh well, so much for my first ebay transaction.

Will lookout for something truly valuable and tradeable to sell on ebay. Ano kaya...? Ma-halungkat nga ang aparador ko sa Baguio.

- Edwin


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Looking for: Blogging tools

I usually would search for it on my own. I've done some searching but have come out empty handed. But, with online friends like you, maybe you guys could help me out.

I'm looking for a service similar to or that will allow visitors to a website to send feedback via email. Yup, you read it right -- email. I'm doing some sort of experiment and this is one ingredient of my experiment. I played around with in the past, but I didn't find a feature that allowed email posting.

I'm also looking for a way to put three of my latest na-gets on the side bar of Technobiography.

Help, anyone? Any referral links or services?




Cashflow! - Edutainment in a box

Here's quickie post, a very short Edong's Dream: Cashflow!

There's this board game called Cashflow about personal finance and investing. I first read about it in Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Here's a good first hand description of what Cashflow is all about from fellow blogger, Gabby Dizon: Thoughts on CASHFLOW

I'd just like to add a few reflections Kelmer and I had after playing the game:
  • Wouldn't it be great if this game could be played by many people? It's so effective that with just a few pieces of cardboard (well thought out, of course), it can teach the players so many personal finance lessons that you wouldn't learn in ordinary circumstances.
  • Wouldn't it be great if there were a Filipino version of this game, and that it would be played by the common tao at the neighborhood sari-sari store. (just like tong-its or dama). If through this game, the basic lessons of finance are taught to the common tao all around the Philippines, it would have more impact than any economics/finance seminar or course offered in any business school. Galing, 'di ba?
  • And Gabby, (my gaming developer e-friend), what do you think about developing a PC game that teaches teens how to handle their finances? In the likes of Anito or Gunbound or Tantra, but as educational as Cashflow. Whattya tink?
There. Short, wasn't it? Through Umberto Eklat's blog, I found a group that plays Cashflow every Wednesday.
7pm - 12 mn
mezzanine of Charterhouse
#114 Legaspi St., (across Burger King, Greenbelt I), Makati.
The group isn't doing this as a business nor as a "service" to society. So be polite when you go there ;-) . Thanks a lot to Mr. Del and Ms. Alma, our gracious gurus in our first game of Cashflow. Special mention: Del did a good job of "good cop/bad cop" (or anghel/demonyo if you will) which really made first time gamers think about our moves.


ka edong

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Monday, January 24, 2005

SMS via web - will it ever die?

I've never been a fan of SMS sending via web. I know many of my friends use them. I don't mind receiving SMS via web. But I'm not the type who would send out SMS via web.

Thus, when I receive a mail like the one below, it always ends up on my trash bin:

I have created an account for myself and reserved a free account for you -- to send free text (SMS) messages to mobile phones. Can you please click on the link below to complete your sign-up. Don't worry it is quick. :-).

If you're already a member of, click here:
*** Nardong Putik ****
That said, I investigated the service just to see what's behind it.

It's much the same as what me and my former colleagues at PIA used back in '99. You get to send messages but there was a limit in the number of messages you could send out in a day. For the service my friend Nardong Putik was inviting me to, you need to invite people to join the service too (thus all the spam).

I recall how these web-to-phone SMS services cropped up one by one in the past years and died a quiet death later on. There was ... what was it, something like "xios" and another something like "redtomato". I remember my friend telling me that the web-to-phone service of redtomato was a secret. Otherwise, when the rest of the Filipino populace hears about it, the Filipino customers might be removed from the service.

Having Filipino customers just wasn't "sustainable" enough! (read: ayaw mag-bayad ng mga Pinoy).

Oh well. I promised myself i'd keep this blog short. So, in conclusion, I personally don't subscribe to web-to-phone SMS services.
  • Ma-hassle
  • I'm not always at a internet connected computer (even when I was always in front of the computer, I didn't use web-to-phone sms)
  • I don't have the patience to send out emails or wait for credits or invite more friends just to get an additional handful of free SMS to use.
  • All these invites end up as spam for some people (like me)
  • Come on, how about more value-added services?! How about "Add to the street-smart-tips knowledge bank via SMS". Or "send a text, feed a kid" or something like that. Sa bagay, meron na ring mga ganyan... making donations via SMS or mobile. (That's another story)
Oh well, that's just me.

For others, it works well. So, if you're that type, try some of these links:

  • - the long-timer that stood the test of time
  • - "Send FREE text messages to mobile phones from the web and get FREE ringtones"
    - Ah, the source of a portion of SPAM in my mailbox. Well, it just shows that a lot of my friends are subscribing to the service.
  • Google search: send SMS online
O, back to work na!

- Edwin
p.s. Nardong Putik, I hope I did you a favor by posting the links as is. Hope other people will click them and earn you some free ringtones or something.


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

"SMS Feedback" service provider

Saw this poster at Kameraworld Greenbelt

send to 2975 for Globe/Touch Mobile
211 for Smart/TalkNText
I wonder how easy or difficult it is to enroll in this service. How much would it cost? Is it free? Can I set-up a *personal* iTell account? How do I get the messages? Via phone? e-mail? Fax? Website?

I'm sure their website has the answers. So click on to...
iTell Feedback Service Powered by INNOVIA.
Tel 6383391, 9102470
- Edwin
via mobile email on Smartphone Brosia


TM - Power to the People (Touch Mobile)

After sweaty padilla, now comes sweaty montano. ;-) Maybe the Sun's making them sweat profusely!

I haven't seen the full Touch Mobile (now "TM") TV Ad of Cesar Montano. Nor did I get to read any ads on the papers. I saw a billboard briefly and the "piso calls" caught my attention.

It turns out TM is lowering call rates! I'm quite sure it's a direct response to Sun Cellular's 24/7 Call and Text Unlimited service (CTU)...

TM to TM calls will be charged the regular rate for the first two minutes. The succeeding minutes will be charged only P1 per minute! cool? kewl! This service of TM just shows that Sun has made a dent in competing telcos.

Will this service fly? Let's see. But bottom line, it turns out that the telcos CAN afford, afterall, to offer lower rates. Ah, the beauty of open market competition. Bottom line ulit: subscribers win!

Upside of TM piso calls - the call can go on for more than 15 mins (unlike Sun which cuts the call by the 15th minute). Another upside, i hope, is that it should be easier to make a TM to TM call (unlike a Sun to Sun call which can become difficult to connect at times).

This is all good news for subscribers. I'm quite sure Smart will follow suit soon.

Read: Globe's press release and FAQs on TM
Sun Cellular Turns up the Heat - 24/7 Call & Text Unlimited
Search Technobiography: Sun Cellular
- Edwin


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Gmail's "Limited Availability" message

Noticed this sign out message of Gmail yesterday....
Signed out
Thank you for using Google Accounts. You are now logged out of the following services:

Gmail - free 1000 MB email service (Limited availability)
Hmmm... makes me wonder ...
  • By "Limited availability", are they referring to the "invitations" system of getting new Gmail accounts? Like "Limited availabilty" =? "not available to just anyone" .
  • Will they eventually start charging for "premium" services? - This is what bigfoot started doing many years after I created my first "bigfoot for life" e-mail address. I still get to use it, but only as a forwarder.

I'm more of an optimist about Gmail. But seeing this inserted message during sign out ... makes me start to think they're gearing up for changes that might not be very popular with their growing Gmail user populace.

- Edwin
Search Technobiography: Gmail


Monday, January 17, 2005

Games and Gadgets fest

From Migs blog:
The Games and Gadgets festival was held at the SM Megamall last weekend. I went there but didn’t look around much - just talked to the TipidPC people and had some deals. I didn’t get to see the hardware booths. Never mind the gadget booths, you guys know that I have an anti-gadget agenda.

Since I’m not into - correction, I’m against - the MMOG wave - I wasn’t amused by the overabundance of local franchisees and licensing pandering the wares. If only they had something original to offer, but no … just corrupting the youth, in my biased opinion. I would be a little more forgiving if only they had more to offer than anime knockoffs.

Links to the pics here.

The nastiest picture exemplifies the Pinoy (male) cosplayer community’s fantasy. What was she thinking? Wardrobe malfunction?

I Posted this comment ...
was there too. thought i'd get to take some gadgets for a ride. but there weren't many gadgets there. mabuti pa yung roadshow ng mph.

I did get to interrogate the bulldog (cellphone protection software) guys, though. ( ; old post - ). The bulldog bite is getting tougher .... but i have this feeling the snatchers and greenhills guys will still outdo the bulldog.

but, yeah, ang daming gamers! ang daming games! i'm no gaming enthusiast. pero, it's a big industry. a friend shared that he dreams of "professionalizing" gaming in the philippines. Like making a living out of gaming and setting "certification" standards for gamers (or was it for game developers?). I have ideas about making a living out of gaming ... but that's another article.

When i read "Wardrobe malfunction" -- I had to click it! haha! but, (grin gone) got a loose link though.



More on Mobile Fund-raising

Got this yesterday from Smart
1/2 Start your year right! Share your blessings now w/ our less fortunate brothers through Pondo ng Pinoy (PnP), a project of the Catholic Church for the poor
2/2 For cash donations,u cn transfer any amount 2 SMART Money Acct # 5577-5130-8925-6105.Please visit any SMART wireless center or call 8457777 for more details
Ayos! More avenues for accepting Pondo ng Pinoy donations, and pogi points for the Telco. Moreover, another way to get people curious about how Smart Money works.


- Edwin


Friday, January 14, 2005

Pay taxes via G-Cash

Got this yesterday:
G-CASH Advisory: Pay ur Business Registration Renewal to BIR thru G-CASH anytime, anywhere. Convert cash to G-Cash @ any Globe Bus Ctr/Hub then pay by txting PAYBIR 500 to 2882. U'l receive an SMS Ref.No. Ur BIR Form 0605 will be published @ 2 days after ur G-Cash txn. Last day for payment via G-Cash is on Jan 31. Call 2882 toll-free fr ur mobile for info.
Tnx to Kelms 4 keeping me posted.

- Edwin
to nova


Thursday, January 13, 2005

blog stuff

Two things: and vlog
Congratulations to my airfagev good friend Randy "DarXkin" Nivales. Their company recently launched the newest blogging website After viewing many of our Airfagev EB pics, I see how is a user friendly photoblogging tool. Try it out, see if it works 4 u:


Doesn't it sound a bit like swardspeak? Vlog stands for "Video blog". Read about it on Business Week ... (see Independent film makers and animation artists could use this medium to gain an audience.

Haven't seen any Pinoy Vlogs. Haven't searched, actually. Any good sites you could refer?

And i'd be interested in trying out some free vlogging services. Know of any?

My guess is, after I post this article, my GoogleAds will give my some Vlog links...

- Edwin
via SmartPhone Brosia

p.s. turns out is offering vlogs too! see here.
p.s. blogger posting by e-mail is delayed, once again. herps ....


Thursday, January 06, 2005


This post has been sitting in my phone's outbox since last month. It's about time I just post it without thinking. Here goes...

To the balikbayan getting acquainted with the Philippine's Texting culture. Here are a few pointers to survive text-crazed Philippines.

The idea of this article came from a member of ph-cybeview yahoogroup.

Here's my Textiquette (more like cellphone etiquette but Textiquette sounds nicer) list in no particular order:
  1. Learn how to set your phone to silent mode. Use silent mode when in a meeting, in class, in church, in the theater.
  2. Don't text and drive.
  3. First time you text or call, identify yourself. Identify yourself when texting from a borrowed phone.
  4. Excuse yourself if you're in a face-to-face conversation and wish to text or call.
  5. When changing cellphone numbers, make sure you sign your name.
  6. Don't send condolences, break-up with your partner or propose marriage via text. Have the decency to make a phone call or say it face-to-face.
  7. Don't pass chain text messages. If you're not sure, verify first.
  8. Respect the privacy of your loved ones. Don't insist on reading text messages stored in their phone.
  9. Learn how to insert smileys ;-) in your text messages
  10. When in public, don't listen to each and every ringtone on your phone. It's amusing for you, but irritating to others. Do it in private where you won't irritate anybody.
Have anything to add? Any objections? Say so or txt me!

- Edwin


for Jim Ayson - G-Cash Donations

Hi Jim, just read ur post on ph-mobiletech an hour before receiving this one from G-Cash
G-CASH Advisory: Support the UNICEF Drive for Typhoon & Tsunami Victims via G-Cash. Just send Donate [amount] [MPIN] to 28829178UNICEF or 28829178864233. The P1 txn fee will also be donated. On Jan 7, UNICEF will hold a fundraising concert: "Wave of Hope" at the Music Museum featuring UNICEF Ambassador ssador

They must've heard Al say "dapat naman, i-waive na ung P1"

- Edwin
posted via SmartPhone Brosia