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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I'm so Cheapo it Hurts!

(Sequel to Defrag)

My brother's PCBigat, the one I borrowed... it died. It was a hard and painful death.

First, PCBigat ailed with some bad sectors. Doctor Norton gave PCBigat some hard disk therapy. PCBigat recovered for sometime. But then, bad sectors struck back. PCBigat just couldn't take the disease eating away PCBigat's clusters. Then, after long nights of futile ScanDisk resucitation, PCBigat gave up. PCBigat's last words...
"Failed reading drive Abort, Retry, Ignore or Fail?"
Now PCBigat rests in pieces...

But then we now have PCMint. PCMint is around 3 years old and was put up for adoption by my wife's sister-NGO. We visited PCMint yesterday, tidied her up, gave her a new OS to wear and got ready to bring her to her new home. I was rather pleased with myself for getting this 2nd hand PC at such a low price.

I close my eyes and pray ... please don't loose my thesis ... I brought home PCMint and was so excited to see what she's got. And, lo and behold! she wouldn't boot! Tsk tsk tsk.

Tried out some hardware checks, BIOS settings and some solutions from the net. Nada. No boot. No life.

So here I am now, sweating it out, PCMint cuddled in my arms and on my way to a computer technician. It's like bringing a sick dog to the vet. Argh...the things I do to bag a cheapo deal.

- edwin

Update: She's alive. PCMint is alive and serving me well. I'll be writing my thesis on PCMint. Don't die on me, PCMint, okay?
Update again: She's dead again. Will re-install her OS when I get home tonight.

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Friday, August 27, 2004

Ofoto, My Fotos

I got an email from where I've stored hundreds of photos online. What did they want from me? Ofoto, my fotos . . . . (and other online photo stories)

I've been using for free for close to two years now. I've created more than 30 albums and uploaded more than 500 photos. I use Ofoto free services to share my photos with friends and family. That way, I just send them a link to the online album instead of sending a ton of photos. Try this on Ofoto: Ka Edong sa Malaysia

Ofoto has paid services too which I've abstained from using all these years. You can have prints made, put borders, put a frame (a whole slew of frames to chose from like wood, metal plastic, glass in many styles) and then have them all delivered to a specified address. For a price, of course.

And then I get an email from Ofoto. After two years of freeloading, I was asked to buy something. Anything.

Since I'm so kuripot, I plan to purchase online...
ONE wallet-size print, without any borders, without any frame, addressed to friends (mag-asawa para share sila) in the US (low shipping cost) and I'll tell them it's an advance Christmas gift from my wife and myself. Tipiiiid, 'ne?

But for some photos, I used Yahoo!Photos instead of Ofoto. Ofoto asks visitors to log-in kasi although its not required. Thus, some of my Ofoto visitors hesitate, thinking that they'll be asked to buy or pay. At least with Yahoo!Photos, the visitors don't need to sign in for anything.

My wife and I are also avid Mirror Project fans.
The Mirror Project is a growing community of like-minded individuals who have photographed themselves in all manner of reflective surfaces.
Maya and I upload a couple of photos every now and then, for approval of Heather, the webmaster of Mirror Project. It's fun. There are many Mirror Project Pinoys too.

For the recent May Elections, I began a Eleksyon 2004 - a photo blog on Photos are sent to the via email. What's fun about it is that I'm able to mobile photo blog through Brosia, my SmartPhone. I'd take a picture through my camera phone, compose an email and attach the photo, send the email via gprs, and viola! My photo and caption are instantly available on the web! Fun, huh! The thing is, it got quite expensive. Like around 10 pesos per post (for a 40Kb photo).

Lastly, here are two Pinoy photo portals which I'd like to try out in the near future: and First impressions tell me that contributors to these sites are less "album, personal candid shots" types kind of people. There are a lot of good photos here, nicely composed. The homepage of has a collage of photos -- fun, just reload again and again!

I wonder when I'll have photos nice enough to post there. Soon. Soon. ;-) BTW, Both sites are vying for the "Community/Portal" Category of the Philippine Web Awards. (They're competing head on with Airfagev, a smartphone community which I'm a part of.)

As heather of the Mirror Project always ends her emails ... Keep taking pictures, baby!

- Edwin

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Gmail Invite for Grabs

I've been such a loyal Google products user (Gmail, blogger, Google Adsense, Google search) that they've given me another Gmail invite to give out. Who wants it?

Let's play a game... Click the comments link and tell me why you deserve the invite. Convince me ;-) . Send me your case. Make up something. If I'm convinced, I'll send you the invite. Deal?

To the ones who've requested for a Gmail invite in the past (John Mark, Clint), you'll have to join the game if you want the invite.

Anybody can join. Pinoys or foreigners. I don't have any criteria yet, so just be creative, okay? Poetry, top ten reasons, a photo, a webpage, a sad story, a multi-lingual quotation, anything.

I like getting concensus, so you can ask your friends to campaign for you, tell them to support you in the comments area. Expect the announcement of winner on or before Sept 4, Saturday.


- edwin

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Monday, August 23, 2004

Block Ko Mukha Mo! - Fight Against Cellphone-Related Crimes

Have you received fraudulent or malicious text messages? Or maybe a text scam? "Text back! You just won P1,000,000 from the Philippine Foundation!"

Or did your phone get lost or stolen?

Fight back! "Handang tumulong ang NTC". The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) now has a onestop public asistance center (OSPAC). Contact OSPAC at tel (+632)9267722 or (+632)4367722 or visit their website at The thing is, I've visited their website today (23 Aug) and couldn't find any info on NTC's campaign against cellphone fraud and theft.

NTC can block fraudulent, malicious or scam texters. This, I suppose, will be done after verification of reports from victims. With the cooperation of the telcos, it should be easy enough for NTC to have the offender's cellphone number (the SIM) suspended. The challenge is apprehending the offender. We don't want the offender to just switch SIMs. We want to catch the offender and give him/her the penalty deserved.

As for lost or stolen phones, NTC can have the handset blocked based on the phone's unique IMEI which is an identification number unique to each handset. Once blocked, the phone is theoretically un-usable. (The snatcher will just have to settle for playing Solitaire on the phone. Loser!)

This IMEI blocking service of NTC has been available since early this year. Problem is, the IMEI of some cellphones can be changed by some of our greenhills bretheren.

So, how effective will this campaign be? I'll remain skeptic until I see solid results. Results like actual reports filed, SIMs or phones blocked, apprehended offenders, or, ultimately, decreased incidence of cellphone-related crimes.

Or, how about fighting back against cellphone-related crimes through another scam service: Txt2Protect

- edwin

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Do you have any experiences with cellphone or SIM blocking? Tell me about it via the comments area or via e-mail to

Here are telco hotline numbers if you need help or have questions about telco services:
  • pldt 171
  • globe 211
  • sun 200
  • digitel 1710
  • smart *888
  • bayantel 171


Thursday, August 19, 2004


Some info in a flyer I received yesterday at the MRT:
Para Cellphone may Insurance Protection
eStandard Cellphone Insurance
It protects your cellphone against
  • snatching
  • theft
  • hold-up
  • robbery
  • accidental damage
Para No Worry... Insure your cellphone now!
The closest property insurance I know of is home insurance. Our cellphones have become so valuable to us that this eStandard Insurance Corp. believes people will pay to get a cellphone insurance.

I wouldn't pay. Nothing beats plain old vanilla "prudence" in caring for your phone.

- edwin
nagpapa-gising bago mag-aral

eStandard Hotline: (02) 845-1111
Read: Block Ko Mukha Mo! - Fight Against Cellphone-Related Crimes, Cellphone Theft - Inquirer's Special, Cellphone Insurance (on airfagev)


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Whereforth, my MMS Video Sonnet?

MMS From: My Telco - 8/16/04 4:22:47 PM

Have a video capable phone? Check out SPEAKING STEREOTYPES and say so much more with a talking video message. Text the recipients mobile number and your message to 376 and we'll bring your message to life.
This I want to see. So here:
From: Me
Sent: 8/16/04 4:37:54 PM
To: 376
0920xxxxxx48 Let me not to the marriage of true minds, admit impediments: love is not love. - Shakespeare Sonnet. Nakuha kaya ng video? Let's try it.
After a loooong wait:
SMS From: My Telco - 8/16/04 11:57:38 PM
Your MMS Message has Successfully been Delivered to 6392xxxxxx48

I actually sent it to myself, hoping to view a video of a Shakespeare Sonnet on my SmartPhone.

It never arrived. I test my phone, and sure enough, my MMS settings are intact and working. Let's try again:
From: 6392xxxxxx48
Sent: 8/18/04 4:30:14 AM
To: 376

092xxxxxx48 Let me not to the marriage of true minds, admit impediments: love is not love. - a Shakespeare Sonnet. Nakuha kaya ng video? Let's try it, Edwin.
Cross my fingers...
MMS From: My Telco - 8/18/04 4:46:38 AM
Let me not to the marriage of true minds, admit impediments: love is not love. - a Shakespeare Sonnet. Nakuha kaya ng video? Let's try it, Edwin.
Sheesh. An MMS with only text in it. Where's my video? Nag-MMS pa cya! Hrrrrgs.

I long for thy sweet video. Whereforth art thou, my Sonnet?

- edwin
nag-aalis ng antok
hi to high ulit ;-)


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Smart Partner

(Sequel to Smart Padala, Sweaty Padilla)

Next up, Smart Partner.

Bottom-line of this service: use a phone and SIM as a public calling and texting station and as a loading station. This service is designed for rural country-side areas.

Here are other random thoughts I have of Smart Partner:

From Suyo to Tubo - What Smart has done is create a business model which taps into the D & E market in the provinces. They made monetary incentives for setting-up the public cellphone service.

I think I know rural areas well enough to say that it's not unusual to request for the use of a friend or neighbor's cellphone (makiki-gamit, makiki-suyo).

But, from the owner's perspective, it's not easy to charge a friend (singil) for the use of the phone. "Nakaka-hiya."

From the perspective of the borrower, it's rude to use a friend's phone too often especially if he/she doesn't pay.

What Smart Partner does is creates a business environment that formalizes the public use of a cellphone (tubo or kita). Wala nang hiya, hiya, wala nang suyo suyo.

Ang bagong plaza - The social dynamics of Smart Partner public calling station will be interesting. These stations will become convergence points. I imagine women with their babies trooping to Ka Nena's calling station not necessarily to call but to keep in touch with "the latest" gossip in and outside the barrio.

Bagong Bespren - I also foresee a new kind of informal influence or power to the public phone operator, a Smart Partner we will call "Ka Salvie".

Imagine the high school principal or barangay captain suddenly compelled to visit Ka Salvie because her phone is the easiest way to contact DepEd or the mayor. Ka Salvie will even have first take when receiving text replies from superintendent or meyor.

Sakit ng ulo - If Ka Salvie doesn't handle thing well, she can get un-necessary headaches. This will happen if some messages or calls aren't delivered as expected. Barrio quabbles can get blown out of proportion.

Productivity increased - This public calling business is quite convenient. Ka Salvie can bring along her phone as she goes around the house or field doing her usual work.

Trade - One big value-added is the facilitation of trade and commerce. It will be easier to get market prices of goods or find out availbility of inputs such as fertilizers. Cottage or home industries will be able to take orders of their products through their new mode of communication.

Inuman na! Hoy hoy hoy, hoy hoy hoy! -- Come nightfall, I could imagine men gathered 'round clear bottles of gin, minds not so clear, and chipping in (patak-patak) to call or "miss call" their kumpare in Saudi. Maybe just to update the barkada (mangungumusta), but also to ask about any job openings.

Globe Partner? Naaah ... - This is one service that Globe won't be able to immitate. That's because Globe doesn't have good service coverage in rural areas.

More Thoughts ...

Maya, my wife, goes to very inaccessible areas requiring half day treks or two hour motorcycle (habalhabal) rides. These areas in the mountains don't have running water, no electricity, no TV, nor any TV signal. But many of these areas have cellphone signals! Halleluiah!

All in all, public calling stations widen the world of rural folk. Smart Partner and mobile technology has introduced a whole slew of opportunities for the rural folk.

NOW is the time to develop content relevant for rural communities. (See Man, after our barriofolk try out the latest ringtones and icons, we better make sure there is content relevant to them that will be available on demand.

Makes me think, "Ano nga bang impormasyon ang kailangan ng isang magsasaka, mangingisda, manggagawa?"

What do you think?

- edwin
in between classes
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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Smart Padala, Sweaty Padilla

Note: Welcome! There are many people searching for info about Smart Padala, and I'd like to help clarify things for you guys. I'll be updating this page soon. I'll add some more info about Smart Padala. See Links - Smart Padala for more info. (update: 6 Oct 2004). Thanks! - Edwin

After giving a brief description of some current Value Added Services of the Telcos (Read The VAS Difference), I'd like to discuss further two particular services in more detail: Smart Padala and Smart Partner.

First up, Smart Padala

Smart Padala is a remittance service that takes advantage of Smart existing Smart Money service and Smart's tie-up with McDonald's.

A remittance begins with an OFW going to a Smart Padala remittance station abroad (basically, existing remittance offices affiliated with Smart). Then the recepient in the Philippines is informed of the remittance via cellphone. The remittance is supposedly instantly available in the recepients (virtual) Smart Money cash card.

There are two ways to encash this money.
  1. If the recepient has an existing Smart Money card, he/she can withdraw the money at BancNet and ExpressNet ATMs.
  2. If the recepient does not have a Smart Money card, the remitted money is loaded in the recepient's virtual Smart Money card. To encash the remittance, the recepient goes to a nearby McDonalds. There, the recepient transfers the e-money from his/her Smart Money card to the local McDo's account. Once transferred, McDo will turn-over cash (finally!) to the recepient.
  • If remittance is withdrawn at an ATM, there are transaction charges ranging from P8-15 depending on the ATM. Furthermore, each bank has a maximum withdrawal limit.
  • If remittance is encashed at McDo, there's a service charge of P1 for every P100 encashed.
What appears to me as rather variable is the amount charged to the OFW by the remittance center abroad. I think the charges aren't being published in the press releases and flyers because it probably varies depending on the remittance center.

Now, what we should find out is how the service compares to Western Union and to the mom-n-pop Filipino-store remittance services abroad.

I'm quite sure delivery is faster with Smart Padala. They have a line in their print ad saying their padala is "sing-bilis ng text". Conceivable. I was able to manually deliver remittances via Smart Money within 5-minutes, I'm sure Smart could do it automatically with the speed of text.

What Smart Padala needs to contend with is whether the regular Filipino subscriber will accept this new way of sending and receiving remittances. Smart will have to show OFWs and OFW families that the service is reliable, cheaper, convenient and/or easy enough to use.

If so, Smart has done good service to the Filipino people, especially OFWs and their families. I wonder if Western Union will roll back their remittance charges. Let's see...

(Call Smart Padala hotline +632-845-7788; *7788 using a Smart Cellphone; 1-800-10-845-7788)

- Edwin
p.s. Smart Padala posters feature Robin Padilla in fighting form with boxing fabrics wrapped around his fists. I still can't comprehend the wisdom of the choice of endorser. Mas-gaganahan ka bang mag-remit kung makita mong pawisan si Robin Padilla sa Smart Padala poster? I still need to see the TV ad, then maybe I'l get the punchline.

Links - Smart Padala, The VAS Difference, Smart Padala to Bolster Peso?, Smart's killer app (on, Search Google: Smart Padala


Thursday, August 12, 2004

OT: You are Faster Than You Think

Nike has a new advertising campaign with the slogan: "You are faster than you think."

The campaign found its way to the pedestrian underpass beneath the Ayala-Paseo intersection in Makati.

You are sweatier than you thinkIt features large panels on the wall showing sweaty athletes, all pumped up and dressed in their sleek and suave designer Nike sports outfits.

What's fun about the ad is the three track lane right smack in the middle of the underpass. It makes you want to run.

Sabi nga ng former officemate kong si Katch tungkol sa mga Nike ads, "Nakikita ko pa lang, gusto ko nang mag-work out!"

Galing, 'ne? Effective. But I found it funny, and a bit of a mockery to have this "faster" ad campaign in Makati where the pace of pedestrians is thrice the pace of a Luneta stroll.

The what race?In this underpass, I stopped and watched people pass me by, walking frantically to their destination, rushing to their next appointment, next client call, next deadline, next delivery, next rendezvous ...

... I thought of just two words: Rat Race.

- edwin the rat
18 feet under, Paseo cor Ayala
*OT means: Over Time! Mga rat, OT palagi sa office!
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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Love Letter From My Bank Manager

Got a love letter from my bank, BPI. It's my statement of my checking account.

Aside from the usual documents telling me how much I don't have in the bank, I got a note from the Bank's management all about check imaging.

Check imaging is the process of taking digital snapshots of original cheques. Thus, eventually, my bank will stop sending me my original issued cheques. Instead, I'l be getting printouts of the cheque images, all neatly arranged by cheque number.

BPI will retain physical cheques for 1 year. I'l be able to request for the original cheque for a fee (P50-P200).

Bottom-line for my bank - less paper processing, more digital files, better documentation, faster records retrieval, easier archiving.

The check imaging and printed out cheques will be useful for enterprises or entrepreneurs or other people who have lot's of cheques to issue and keep track of.

Personally, this won't be much value to me. I only use cheques to pay the rent. Thus, I don't file my old cheques, nor my old bills.

This tip I learned from "Life's Little Instruction Book"
Do not keep old bills.
Always keep old love letters.

- edwin
sa Barberia ni Maria


Tuesday, August 10, 2004

OT: Matapang, Mabagsik, Maulan

\Tech*nol"o*gy\, n. the science of the application of knowledge to practical purposes : applied science
In Technobiography, I will not limit myself to discussing digital technologies. Thus, here's an entry for a rainy day like this.

My wife and I were at Tutuban one rainy Sunday, and I just couldn't resist taking a photo of these two clowns este ... security guards. Reminds me of a security guard who told me he belongs to a security agency named "Panther ... mabilis, mabagsik!". Right.

Matapang, Mabagsik, MaulanThese guards at Tutuban went on with their usual perfunctory "mapag-kunwari" job of inspecting vehicles for bombs. Oh well, it will just be one permanent hassle in our society to have to go through these security guards and pretend as if they're doing something useful.

At least these clowns at Tutuban had some laughs to share with the rest of the world.


OT means: Outrageous Technology!


Saturday, August 07, 2004

The VAS difference

I go to the Globe Hub and Smart Wireless Centers every so often to check out the latest phones. (See Mr. Suave's Star Trek Phone)

Today, I did the rounds but focused more on the latest Value Added Services (VAS) and promos of both telcos. Here's a brief round-up of the latest ones based on my pamphlet raid.


6 gives, 0% interest; 12 gives, low interest - various handsets bundled with various subscriptions. Handsets aren't free, nor are they purchased in one go. Instead, you buy the handset in 6 or 12 installments.

Japan-to-Phils Share-a-load - uses an international rechargeable card in Japan to transfer load from a Japayuki's cellphone to a Philippine cellphone. Credit is deducted from the Japayuki's rechargeable card.

Globe Autoload via Credit Cards - requires SMS registration of credit card. You can load your phone or another phone and credit will be deducted from your credit card.

20% Libre Load - promo for autoloadmax retailers. Basically gives load or raffle prize incentives for retailers to increase sales of load.

Insured Ka Na Ba? - You get accident insurance of up to P250,000. You need to send in your P15 every 15 days. Failure to send your contribution terminates your insurance coverage. (Hrmmm... nasty! - Ed) (See; tel 02-9102000)

Globe call n text collect - With or without load, this service allows you to txt n call collect. The recepient/called party should register the sender/caller's number.

Golden and Preferred numbers - Globe Hub branches have a bulletin board of "nice" numbers, eg 092x8881188 or 092x1234123. These are prepaid numbers and they cost P5,500 (Golden - repeating numbers, especially 8's) or P2,750 (Preferred - just nice numbers).


MyISP - via your cellphone, get a dial-up username and password. 5-hours Internet for P15 which will be deducted from your cellphone load. (See this discussions on myISP)

Textmate - register your your username, ASL (age, sex, location) and the service helps find a match for you. In essence, it's a service that facilitates text flirting.

Smart Multi-Line SIM - for Smart Gold subscribers, you can have up to five lines in one SIM. Hmmmm... ngayon ko lang narinig ito a, but that's how I understand the flyer. A menu in the SIM allows you to switch lines. Now, what person would need five lines?! (I could imagine eating my words in a few years)

Smart Padala - "The world's 1st International Cash remittance through text". In brief, an OFW goes to a Smart Remittance Partner abroad, sends money, then the recepient gets the money via a SmartMoney cash card.

Me and my friend, Cong in Malaysia, have done this on a small scale. Others have done it too (See Smart's claim of being first - not true.

But, hey, deploying it with this scale (London, athens, tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, LA and many others) - this is great, helps our OFWs! Hope they give Western Union a run for their money. I couldn't find the sending charges though. (Call Smart Padala hotline +632-845-7788; *7788 using a Smart Cellphone; 1-800-10-845-7788)

Partner - In essence, it encourages rural folk to put up a service of public-calling, public-texting and cellphone loading business. (tel 888-1111; *888 using a smart cellphone; 1-800-1888-2220)

This business can actually be done even without a promo. I guess what the partner promo does is it "legitimizes" charging your kamag-anak or kapit-bahay because it's formally re-packaged as a business. Here's to Smart and their ever-expanding user base. That's last mile for you.


The telcos are trying to out-do each other. As a result, we're getting more substatial and useful services.

- edwin
Next time: Sun Cellular services; my list of most wanted services (both real and fantasy services). Watch out for that ;-)

Smart Padala, Sweaty Padilla
Smart's killer app (On Money)

Some references:
Globe - customer service hotlines 730-1000 or 211 on any globe handyphone;

Smart - 888-1111; *888 using a smart phone;


Wednesday, August 04, 2004


I've been fixing my 2nd hand, hand-me-down desktop PC at home for two days now. So many bad sectors came up. But, thanks to pareng Norton and his DiskDoctor, the evil threat of bad sectors are gone and all is well again.

Wireless TukayoI ended my battle with the bad sectors when I defragged my hard disk early this morning.

Defragging is a computer "exercise" of tidying up the hard disk, putting things where they belong, clearing out some free space to make way for new files to come in.

We humans should defrag regularly too, you know.

My brother, KElmer, made it a point to take a break and walk around Teacher's Village. He took these breaks especially during toxic (hectic) and very busy work scheds. He described it as Defragging his mind.

Yesterday, it was an unusual walk home for me. I left school and the sun was still up. As usual, I took out my phone, composed a new email and started thinking -- "what blog article shall I write this afternoon?"

But I stopped my run-away thumb and put back my SmartPhone into my pocket. That afternoon, I walked liesurely under the amber light of the setting sun.

For a while, I defragged my mind, enjoyed the walk and the quietness of a relaxed mind amidst this frantic tide of Makati Pipol. But, my walk came to an end, eventually.

10% Defragged. Disk activity detected. Restarting...

Elsewhence... Elsewhence ... Like now.


Defragging tip: Start your computer in Safe Mode before defragging. This will prevent other disk activities from interrupting the defragging process.


Monday, August 02, 2004

Creepy Psycho Texter

I woke up this morning and found a missed call registered at 1:32 am. Who could it be?

I found this message in my SMS Inbox:
1:32 am - hi. m looking for a friend. m n deep need for help. pls beliv me. cud u help me?
The texter's number didn't register in my phonebook, I didn't know who it was. I tried to figure out if I have any psycho-suicidal friends. Some, like Hien and David-Ruffin, are psycho but not suicidal.

I considered replying. But decided not to reply to a stranger. If the texter had identified him/herself, and if he/she was a friend, I would have reacted differently.
7:24 A.M. - hi. good morning. awake k n?
At least the person's still alive. He/she wasn't dead desperate afterall. Ignore.
5:54 PM. - helo. kmusta k n? pakiusap nman sa iyo, maaari mo bng sgutin ang txt ko? kailangan ko lng ng mkakausap. nhhrapan n ako. pakiusap..

To Psycho Texter, you have friends. When you're in need, you have friends who will be there for you.

Don't replace texting for the old reliable friend with a shoulder to cry on.

Bless you, Psycho Texter.



Look Ma! No wires!

Wireless TukayoMy tukayo (namesake), Edwin de Nicolas, has all sorts of gadgets in his knapsack. Last week, we were in a rush to print our report for our second class that morning.

He whipped up his portable Cannon printer an Asus laptop. Then, in a few seconds, he was printing our report!

Wireless Printing via IRHmmm.... something's fishy ... I don't see any cables.

Yup yup! No cables. No power cable for the laptop, no power cable for the printer (it has it's own built-in rechargable battery) and no data cable between the laptop and the printer! He was using Infra Red. Neat, huh? Just the thing you need when you're out in the woods and you want to write a letter to mom.


Edwin says this technology is 3 years old. I guess so. But it's not everyday that we see wireless printing.

I myself have printed wirelessly via IR from my SmartPhone to a Canon Printer. It prints rather well, especially on photo paper. Credits to my super-galing SmartPhone, Brosia!

Two wallet-size photo prints using a canon printer directly connected to a digital camera. Top photo has edwin showing the small white printer (size of a CD case). Second photo shows edwin and airfagev friends DarXkin (Randy) and David-Ruffin (Reggie)I've also tried out printing directly from a camera to a printer via canon's ... what do the call it ... photo bridge (?) / print bridge (?). There's a built-in print menu in the digital camera. Then they attach a cable from the camera to the compatible printer. They have wallet size photo paper. Then, you'll have your cutie-cutie photo of you and your friends in no time. I'll post a picture of the pictures next time.

Edwin (Soriano da pogi, not Edwin de Nicolas da gwapo)

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