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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Mr. Suave's confused dad and the StarTrek phone

I was at the Podium, passing the time before fetching my wife. I visited Globe's The Hub to check out their demo handsets and any new mobile services.

They had two tables with four handsets on them, like cocktail tables serving up drinks. Three of the handsets were being tried out by customers. So I approached the last handset and took it in my hand. It was a blue and silver nokia that looked like the scaly character in startrek with ridges on his forehead.

I held the StarTrek phone in my hand. The young man in shades trying out the other handset gave me a suspicious look, even a "What do you think you're doing?" look. I stared back at him with the "D'ya have a problem, dude?" look. He relented and returned his eyes to his demo handset.

So here I was, sharing a cocktail table with Mr. Dagger-look, test-driving a StarTrek phone. I was surprised to see the handset had an unread SMS message. I thought "Which moron would send an SMS to a demo handset?" But dismissed the message, maybe it was a file received via IR or bluetooth.

Just then, a man walked up to my side. Here was a middle-aged guy who looked like Mr. Suave's not-so-groovy dad. He had a moustache like a Spanish conquistador and long wavy hair like Michael Landon of Little House in the Prairie. He wore a purple polo, with white pants and white shoes topped with gold rings and a necklace. He looked like a reincarnation of Barney, Don Johnson of Miami Vice, Mr. T of the A team and siyempre, Mr. Suave.

Yipes, not a pleasant image to recall! What's worse, his face was right next to mine, he was giving me a dagger-look and I almost felt steam coming out of his nostrils like the Chicago Bulls' mascot!

I cradled the StarTrek phone in my hand, and stared once again with the "D'ya have a problem, Manong Suave?" look. He stared, I stared back, his nose flared, my nose flared back! We were having a sword fight with our eyes!

Then Manong Suave broke the silence. In a gruff voice, he said "Phone ko yan..."

I looked down at the phone in my hand, connected to a service charger on the cocktail table. "Oh..." I managed. I put down HIS phone then began my retreat.

"O, phone mo! Saksak mo sa barado mong ilong!" Ooops, did I just think that or did I say it?

Podium, May 25


Saturday, May 29, 2004

Connect Ka Diyan (Brosia)

(Sequel to Connect ka Diyan Episode I)

Brosia, my SmartPhone, connects me to the world in many ways too!

Through Brosia, I can text, call, I can send and receive MMS messages (audio, video and photos) I can e-mail and surf the web (via WAP, via GPRS, via Dial-up from my mobile or via my PC's internet connection).

Just recently, I successfully used Brosia as a Modem. I connected Brosia to the PC, installed Brosia as a Modem then dialled-up from the PC thru Brosia to my ISP. We were able to surf via the PC through my mobile phone! Cool, huh? But it was rather slow. My PC said we were conected at 246kbps, my sleepy and impatient eyes felt we were connected at arnd 38kbps. Data charges for this kind of connection is arnd Php3-4 per minute.

Me and my Brosia, connecting in more ways than one ü

Postscript -
I got a better modem connection via a Samsung P400 back in Jan2004. I got 56kbps via Samsung. Ratheq good for a wireless Internet connection. The difference was that Samsung was connected via GPRS while Brosia was connected via Dial-up.

May 2004
typed on Brosia, posted via e-mail thru Brosia


Texting while driving

We were preparing to leave Manila in a 3-van convoy going to San Juan, Batangas for my wife's office outing. The three drivers were friends and badgered each other with jokes about each other's vehicle and driving skills. This was a usual kantiyawan between men.

I had an initial panic when we began our trip. Our driver's cellphone kept on sounding an SMS alert. Without missing a ringtone beat, he would reach for his phone, navigate to his new message and read the message while driving at 80kph on an EDSA early mörn.

Man, i couldn't sleep because this guy's phone kept ringing, and my life kept flashing back through the windows of this speeding van!
There's more! When he reads a message, he'd sometimes manage a nasal snicker (in pinoy slang, "ungot") with a wide grin. Then (!) he'd type out a reply keeping his eyes on the road. He'd steal short glances at his phone, smile for his apparently witty reply then press Send!

I wanted to give him a lecture about how the number of text-related vehicular accidents has increased blah blah percent this year... and that you could get brain damage from performing too many sensory-motor tasks w ur eyes, hands, thumb, feet and nose... and that, the bottom-line was i didn't want to die early just because of some witty text message.

But I held back. Because I myself text and drive when stuck in traffic (kids, don't do this at home). Im not saying its okay. But I let the drivers be. I wasn't in the mood to sound like my lola. I let them maintain their added layer of communication. It was, afterall, keeping them awake, informed about navigation, in touch.

Ah, it's good to be alive, and good to be Pinoy. We are genetically blessed with acrobatic thumbs.

Postscript -
My lola was telling us a story about a field trip to Baguio in the 50's. She was a teacher in charge of her students in a rickety Philtranco bus.

Lola observed a student having a chat with the driver. With her English teacher lecturing intonation, Lola told the student: "Never never ever talk to a driver while he's driving. He should concentrate on only one thing -- to deliver us safely to our destination."

Oh, so that's why it drives lola crazy when I talk to her while I drive her around! ü

Times change, rules change, thumbs change.

- edwin
May 9
San Juan, Batangas


Saturday, May 22, 2004

Light for all


It is better to light just one little candle
than to stumble in the dark ...
For our children

NAMFREL conducted three volunteer briefings in manila prior to election day. It had more than 30,000 (or is it 300,000?) volunteers around the Philippines with its network of municipal and provincial offices. The headquarters was up and running the day before the elections and stood ground for two weeks on a round-the-clock operations in its HeadQuarters in LaSalle Greenhills.

Volunteers received election returns from volunteers at precinct, barangay, municipal and provincial levels. The texting technology was used during the first days of the Quick Count. A few days later, NAMFREL decided to use e-mail and fax to receive election returns.

Vounteers worked round the clock, checking and verifying election returns, encoding and inputting data into the system. As of early this morning, the NAMFREL quick count had canvassed close to 60% of the precincts.

* For the thousands of volunteers who stood guard for the Filipinos' votes,
* for the teachers who continue to serve the country not just in our classrooms but also in our precincts,
* for the voters who questioned, discerned, selected, supported and cast their vote,
* for the street sweepers who clean up after the campaign,
* for the elected leaders chosen to be *servants* of the people,
* for those who passed away in the line of duty,
* for the Filipino - the unnamed totoy, neneng, manong, manang, lolo, lola,
* for our children, for our future ...

- edwin May 21, 2004

as of May 22, 2004 10:00AM Manila Time

Presidential Candidate - Total Votes
Lacson, Panfilo Morena - 2,130,302
Macapagal-Arroyo, Gloria Macaraeg - 7,952,228
Poe, Fernando Jr./ Ronald Allan Kelley - 7,214,787
Roco, Raul Sagarbarria - 1,243,769
Villanueva, Eduardo Cruz - 1,206,346

Vice-Presidential Candidate - Total Votes
Aquino, Herminio Sanchez - 586,115
De Castro, Noli Leuterio - 9,406,129
Legarda-Leviste, Loren - 8,547,854
Pajo, Rodolfo Taga-an - 19,682


Archive: Election related links

Friday, May 21, 2004

TXT blogging for NAMFREL Phase-down Dinner

I am opening up my blog to NAMFREL volunteers during the Phase-Down Dinner on May 19, 2004.
View Eleksyon2004 PhotoBlog
Just text "Trial20 [your message] [your name]" and send to 2960. Your message will appear in in a short while. Mabuhay mga Bantay ng Bayan!

Hello NAMFREL volunteers! Ipaskil ang inyong mga mensahe dito. Senti, greetings, hinanaing, kahit ano! Üü Mabuhay mga Bantay ng Bayan! - edwin


phase-d0wn dinner

Some messages on my cellphone this morning:

Sent: 5/21/04 1:43:50 AM
From: Namfrel, Insan kOw
gud am! Ü cuz, there will
be a phase-d0wn dinner tmrw,
7pm at d NAMFREL HQS!
wear ur NAMFREL tshirt.
Ü have a nice day!


To: Namfrel, Insan kOw
Sent: 5/21/04 7:54:35 AM
From: Edwin
Kapigan ya , friday evening
o saturday evening?

Note: hinala ko medyo bangag pa sa puyat si insan. - edwin

Sent: 5/21/04 7:55:03 AM
From: Namfrel, Insan kOw
ngay0ng gbi po. dnt 4get 2
wear ur NAMFREL shirt! Ü

Note: tama ang hinala ko. - edwin

To: Namfrel, Insan kOw
Sent: 5/21/04 8:27:20 AM
From: Edwin
Okidoks, kitakits naani! Ü


NAMFREL volunteers - Photoblogging


Lifted from the Eleksyon2004 Photo Blog:
Volunteers from the Mindanao Regional Desk in NAMFREL HQ, Greenhills.

We were in charge of coordinating with NAMFREL provincial offices in Mindanao, receiving reports from them, finding out if they had any incident reports or just giving each other moral support for the many sleepless nights of guarding the votes.

- Edwin
16 May, 2004View Eleksyon2004 PhotoBlog

jong 2004-05-20 09:36:40
Ba't di ako kasama diyan?
eleksyon2004 2004-05-20 09:42:30
nasan ka ba nung time na iyon? ;-)

padalhan mo nga ako picture niyo, pwede ko pa i-sama dito.

jong 2004-05-20 09:43:48
Wala kaming stills e.
Puro TV lang kumukuha sa amin e. Hehehe.
eleksyon2004 2004-05-20 09:47:08
kewl! kami, tuwing may dumadaan na TV camera, sabay bunot ng telepono, kunwari may kausap!!!! hehehehe! mapag-kunwari! hehehe ;-)

jong 2004-05-20 09:50:20
kami pa rin ni kuya dave ang panalo.
kahit ngayon, pinapakita pa rin iyong kuha sa amin. hehehe.
kagabi, nakita ko na naman ulit sa Saksi. Organize ka ng reunion natin sa mindanao desk.
eleksyon2004 2004-05-20 09:53:40
sandali sandali .... aling jong ito? sa mindanao desk ka rin ba, jong?

(ginawang chat itong comments area ... )

eleksyon2004 2004-05-20 09:54:41
there you are!! [ ]

pareng jong!!!!

jong 2004-05-20 09:54:45
E sino pa ba? :-)
eleksyon2004 2004-05-20 09:58:03

hey, baka gusto mong maki-eleksyon phlog. ....

to wrap up this phlog, i plan to "borrow" some photos from fellow phloggers ... you might want to pitch in ...

Eleksyon 2004 Photoblog


I created a Photoblog to make a photo collage of the Philippine Elections. Feel free to submit or write comments.

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Visit to view photoblog.
Visit for more info.


jong 2004-05-20 09:59:00
check my phlog. have some photos there, sa desk natin.
pupuwede mong i-link.
Delete this comment
eleksyon2004 2004-05-20 10:01:11
right on, jong! i'll do that. Hiramin ko na rin ang mga captions mo, ha. You tell the stories well. ;-)



Friday, May 14, 2004

News bits

* They say politicians in the Philippines either WIN or WERE CHEATED.
* This attitude has brought about some protests and violence especially in the local elections.

* The MMDA will have metro manila completely cleared of election posters by early next week. It's a big job.
* For the poster clean up, MMDA chair Bayani "BF" Fernando brought in new cleaning personnel: BACTERIA! Beginning last week, posters were doused with enzyme-rich dirty water. This is to start breaking down the paper posters and weaken the adhesives for easier scraping off of these campaign materials.

* Pacquiao was wearing ill-fitting 99cents (55 pesos) socks during his match against Argentinian Marquez. That caused blisters in "PacMan's" feet.
* The decision of the judges is under appeal.
* Pacquiao's camp has filed the appeal through appropriate channels and with supporting documents and evidence - unlike some politicians who claim "DINAYA AKO" without presenting any basis nor evidence for their allegations.

* Jasmine Trias, the lone Pinay remaining in American Idol, made it to the final three.
* Aiko is winning as councilor in QC.
* Alma Moreno and Joey Marquez lost in Paranaque as Mayor n congressman respectively.
* Anjo Yllana is winning as councilor


Thursday, May 13, 2004

Quick Stats

* Some stats on the NAMFREL floor (my own counts or estimates)

# PCs = 53 (not including high power computers)View Eleksyon2004 PhotoBlog
# TV Sets = 16
# telephones = 131
# photocopiers = 4
# fax machines = 8
# printers = 11

... Uwian na!

12:18am, May 13
In a taxi, Boni Ave

This mobile cellsite (see photo) is setup at the foot of the La Salle Greenhills gym where the NAMFREL has its nat'l HQ.

Nearby, the TV stations' big vans are parked, some of them with satellite dishes sticking out like fat flagpoles.

Arnd 10 PLDT and 10 Globe vans were here also on the day before elections. The linemen were busy setting-up the more than 125 landlines used as NAMFREL hotlines.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

2nd shift - wazzzaaap!

* I called a couple of volunteers - Namfrel Provincial contacts at field. We relayed a few follow-up instructions
* Almost as equally important, nag-kamustahan kaming kapwa volunteers. He said "Heto, di pa naliligo, di pa natutulog."
* A volunteer has given in to fatigue. Probably due to lack of sleep.
* She was wheeled away by paramedics who are always on stand-by
* I Watched Pia Hontiveros give her live news report from NAMFREL HQ.
* Wanted to have a photo taken with her, pero na-shy ako... Bka sleepy na cya eh.
* There are arnd 5-8 TV news crews here at any one time.
* In the meantime, we watch CSI on Studio 23 while we standby for more election results to come in...

8:59 PM


2nd Shift at NAMFREL

NAMFREL HQ, La Salle Greenhills

* Got here late
* Reached the Regional Desks to find familiar faces of fellow volunteers
* Leo who supervises the Northern Luzon Desk greets me.
* He tells me that the SMS system of collecting election returns has taken a back seat
* The system had problems with the extremely high SMS traffic
* NAMFREL has began collecting election results via email and fax
* We're at 4% of total up from 1% this morning
* We're doing the waiting game now as the municipal and provincial votes are being encoded into an excel template provided by NAMFREL.
* I'm offering my volunteer work now in systems



Tuesday, May 11, 2004

My first 9hr shift in NAMFREL

* I reported at 10pm for my 11pm to 8am call center duty.View Eleksyon2004 PhotoBlog
* I'm assigned to the mindanao desk which has arnd 17-20 volunteers
* Our team of three (Aris, Joe n I) are assigned to Tawi-Tawi.
* We are tasked to guide them in texting in the Election Returns (ERs) from their ten cities/municipalities.
* Only the provincial capital has cellphone signals.
* Some ERs will take three days to reach the capital.
* We've awoken many a tired minds to follow-up on statuses
* We're even gaining friends at the southern-most island of the Philippines.
* Ma'am Rose in Tawi-tawi is having pandesal for breakfast.
* We're awaiting our Tawi-Tawi friends to gather their texting volunteers so we can guide them in submitting their ERs.
* Tired eyes, lethargic muscles, edgy people who need sleep, quiet press people, phones incessantly ringing, CPUs humming ...
* Its day break in the Metro.
* Dawn of a new gov't administration. Or maybe not so new....



Monday, May 10, 2004

Vote - done . Volunteer work - more to come

* Rushed to the precinct after lunch. View Eleksyon2004 PhotoBlog
* Was greeted by sooo many people trying to hand me sample ballots.
* I had my own, though incomplete.
* Relieved to find my name in the same precinct.
* Voted. Had to do impromptu choosing for City councilors.
* Discussed candidates w a fellow-voter. Her ballot lacked senators.
* Took photos of my ballot for my phlog.
* Took photos while casting my ballot in the yellow ballot box.
* Asked ma'am election officer to smile as I took photos of the indelible ink on my index finger.
* I just finished voting.
* Now i'm blogging.

Later, i will send out more text messages to teachers i know. It goes:

Hi ma'am sonza n co-teachers. May GOD BLESS YOU with strength, patience and a beautiful smile Üü in the noble work assigned to you this election day! -edwin

Later still, i will go to the Namfrel HQ to help man the call center.

voting precinct
Maginhawa st, QC
via Brosia, my mobile phone Üü


Friday, May 07, 2004

after the elections

From: "Tito Sarmago"
Date: Fri May 7, 2004 10:10 am
Subject: after the elections

I just realized that we don't have a report card for EVERYONE our
legislature. There is no EASY way to get information on what the person
you voted for many years ago is performing to your expectations.
Usually, this is the job of the FREE PRESS (not our local pay-per-view
variety). We ought to find a way to get this sorted out, as we virtually
don't know if our representatives are doing the job we're paying them to

That's right. WE are paying THEM to do stuff FOR US. Say it to yourself
the next time a number-8 plate number tries to run you over on the
pedestrian lane.

Has anybody tried to get in touch with their congressperson? It is,
after all what they're there for. TO REPRESENT. After the elections, use
that power. If there's something you feel strongly about, go ahead and
write them.

Activism isn't only in the streets. In fact, it really shouldn't be. If
you hire somebody for a job, you damn well make sure they do their job;
try to get the most out of the salary you're giving them. Besides,
you're SURE you're giving them fair wages, aren't you? They applied for
that thankless job; they did a big star-studded CAMPAIGN to get the job;
and they want to get that job again in the next hiring period!

The country won't be saved by a handful of people elected into their
positions of power by a majority. Salvation (as in religion) depends on
each of us doing our part. Democracy is a tiring form of government.

If you allow your elected 'leaders' free reign after electing them, then
it's almost just a tyranny isn't it?


After the elections

A friend, hagee, pointed out in our batch mailing list that ...

"we virtually don't know if our representatives are doing the job we're paying them to do."
hagee continues ....
"Has anybody tried to get in touch with their congressperson? It is, after all what they're there for. TO REPRESENT."

Here's a brief rejoinder to hagee's email:

--- In "Tito S" wrote:
> I just realized that we don't have a report card for EVERYONE our
> legislature. There is no EASY way to get information on what the
> you voted for many years ago is performing to your expectations.

Hi Hagee, I agree that we should keep in mind that these politicians were "hired" to serve the people.

Some groups did their assignment and monitored the politicians for us. Here are some sites which provide some facts and evaluations of our politicians:
Transparent Accountable Governance
Executive Watch CongressWatch© Judiciary Watch Local Government Watch
Makati business club
click "congresswatch" and find CV, statement of assets and liabilities, expenditures, fund allocation, campaign spending, attendance and vote record.
From the Phil Center for Investigative Journalism.
Lots of juicy stuff about the politicians

keep the light, prepare thyself!



Eleksyon 2004 Photoblog

Enlarge Picture
I created a Photoblog to make a photo collage of the Philippine Elections. Feel free to submit or write comments.

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Elections in the Light of Technology

Some events at the eve of the elections have shed light to the bleak view the Elections I used to have.

I was at the Namfrel briefing last Wednesday evening at the AIM, Makati.

I'm all excited for two reasons:
First, this will be my most active role in the elections by far. My next most active role was back in 2001 when I peeled one whole kaing of potatoes for food being prepared for PPCRV volunteers.

Second, the SMS and call-center technology introduced by NAMFREL in this year's quick count will be another feather in the hat for the Philippines' SMS achievements.

Technology in elections

The Computerized Elections has been junked. We'll be doing manual elections. But nothing is stopping the private sector and NGOs from using technology to help out in the elections.

The Election Call Center run by the Jesuit Volunteers Philippines Foundation, Inc. entertains calls from the voting populace. They can assist callers in getting information about candidates profiles, your precinct, exit polls and surveys and more.

I gave them a call this morning. My call was received by Fleur (french for "flower", I learned from reading the "Da Vinci Code"). Fleur easily answered my first question about the correct way of filling out a ballot. I also asked her which precinct I am assigned to. She took my full name and my birthdate and keyed in these information unto her computer. I could here the keyboard tapping in the background. Fleur said that unfortunately, their system was experiencing some technical problems at that time. She took down my phone number and said she'll call me back with the information I requested.

The NAMFREL Text Brigade. NAMFREL will be using SMS for this year's Quick Count. Isn't that such a refreshing technology and political breakthrough? I think that like the SMS-enabled rallies against ERAP, this SMS-enabled Quick Count will once again put the Philippines in the international news for technology, governance and empowerment.

Here's how the SMS-enabled Quick Count will work. At field, there will be Texting volunteers. These texting volunteers will be sending results from the precinct-level Election Returns from their Cellphones straight to the NAMFREL HQ. These figures will be validated through other texting volunteers and NAMFREL officers. NAMFREL will then consolidate all these figures at HQ. Such an elegant solution, don't you think?

NAMFREL hopes that the quick count will be finished by 7 days, if all goes well. Compare that to the 30 days it used to take to do the "quick" count. Much quicker than the 75 (?) days that the Comelec does the count. But I'm thinking, with the SMS reporting, NAMFREL could possibly pull-off this quick count in as short as 3 days! There are only a few reasons the Texting Volunteers won't be submitting results in the first three days, I think.

Here comes another technology component of the NAMFREL quick count. NAMFREL will be running a call center with more than 100 phone lines. This 24-hour call center will provide technical support for Texting volunteers. The call center will assist and follow up Texting volunteers in regional NAMFREL offices to submit their reports.

I've signed up in three 9-hour shifts to man the 24-hour call center. I've also volunteereed to help out in the technical team of NAMFREL.

Frankly, I'm impressed by NAMFREL. They've ironed things out rather smoothly. The introduction of elegant technology solutions, the involvement of hundreds or thousands of volunteers, the security they will be providing in the Head Quarters, the food, the facilities. It's a blessing that we have groups like NAMFREL, JVPFI, PPCRV and others which will complement the "shortcomings" of the COMELEC.

"It is better to a candle
Than to curse the darkness"

- from the Namfrel Logo

God Bless us all!


Election Volunteers

From: "Edwin Soriano"
To: Christopher_Lagman
Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2004 10:45 AM

> Hi Chris,
> i was at the namfrel breifing last night. exciting! i'll be
> volunteering as a precinct election collector for namfrel, which i will
> forward to our mandaluyong namfrel head. tapos, via sms 8 [this is what
> im excited about], nationwide namfrel volunteers will be submitting
> precinct level results straight to namfrel HQ.
> i'll also be a watcher. and then will man the graveyard shift of may
> 10, 10pm to next day 7 am. the call center of namfrel will guide
> volunteers at field on how to submit election results of their
> precincts via sms. i've also offered to man the backend of the sms
> system and the phone system [120 phone lines].
> there's going to be a distribution of IDs on sunday, 2pm-5pm at lasalle
> greenhills. also to get to meet the respective teams and heads.
> if you come over on sunday
> 2pm, i think we can find a volunteer slot for you. there are still many
> volunteer slots available.
> txt me if i should expect you on sunday. btw, i'l be making an election
> blog. want to be a team mate in updating the blog? i want to make it a
> text blog plus photo blog plus mobile blog which i can update from my
> phone via email. and i plan to make a system where personal friends can
> send in sms, then i\ll post their sms on the same blogsite. i'm still
> looking for services to mend these all together, though.
> mabuhay! keep in touch.
> edwin


Tuesday, May 04, 2004


From: "Jose Cortez"
Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2004 3:27 PM

For the first time in history, the NAMFREL Operation Quick Count will be text-based with results sent by SMS from the precincts and voting centers all the way to the national tabulation center at La Salle Greenhills using downloadable templates. NAMFREL is looking for more volunteers to send in text messages from voting centers all over the country.

If you want to be a part of this historic activity and help make a difference in promoting honest and credible elections, please contact NAMFREL at telephone
631-0141 or 631-0078 or or or to volunteer.

You can also go direct to your local NAMFREL Chapter Chairman in every provincce across the country. A complete directory is attached.

An orientation meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 5 May 2004, 5:30 pm at
the Philippine Conference Hall, 3/F AIM Building, Paseo de Roxas.

Join now and make a difference.

All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men and women to do


Monday, May 03, 2004

Eleksyon na! Handa na ba tayow?

Dear all,

One week before the national elections. Pa-tulong naman, I have a few questions which I hope could help in preparing myself/ourselves for the elections.

1.) Do you have your list of candidates already?
2.) After being responsible voters, how else we can help in the Elections?

Edwin's answers:
1.) Do you have your list of candidates already?

Edwin's list as of May 3 (i'm not campaigning, just sharing):

President: Undecided yet (Choice between Roco and Villanueva)
Vice-President: Undecided (Probably Noli de Castro)

Rodolfo G. Biazon
Pilar Juliana S. Cayetano
Frank I. Chavez
Richard J. Gordon
(Ernesto F. Herrera)*
(Parouk S. Hussin)*
(Melanio L. Mauricio Jr.)*
Aquilino Q. Pimentel Jr.
(Amina T. Rasul)*
Manuel A. Roxas III
(Jose Y. Sonza)*
Perfecto R. Yasay Jr.
* still under consideration

I'm Still looking for an Indigenous People's Party List or an OFW Party List. Any recommendations?

Hope you can share your lists too. Do email me (directly or via this mailing list) if you want to share your thoughts or if you want to know why/how I chose my list of candidates. (Hehehe ... I still have to figure it out too!!!!) ;-)

2.) After being responsible voters, do you know how else we can help in the Elections?

Edwin's Answer: I'm still searching for an organization where I could volunteer my time and energy on election day.

Six years ago, I volunteered in preparing food (peeling and chopping potatoes! packaging food) for Namfrel volunteers. This year, I'm looking for a medyo "techie" volunteer post. If any of you knows of an organization I could volunteer for, do let me know. (email to Thanks!

Lastly, share ko lang a few sites/numbers which we all could browse to prepare and educate ourselves for the elections: (very informative!) (bottom of the list, guess why!)


Starting 1 May 2004, access to election related information is just five numbers away -- 10-149. For the first time in the history of our national elections, you can call 10-149 from a PLDT landline anywhere in the
Philippines for free, to talk to a tele-educator about the following:

· candidates' profiles and stand on issues
· party-list information
· your precinct number
· information for first time voters
· information on how to get involved in the elections
· where to get election resources from
· exit polls
· inquire about election related legal matters

Call 10-149 from a PLDT landline


COMELEC (as published in Bulletin yesterday):
(+02) 525-9345
(+02) 525-9294 to 96
(+02) 525-9301 to 02
(+02) 527-0847 / 6111

Philippine Information Agency (PIA):
1345 (from any PLDT phone)
or (+02) 981-5000

One week to go. Let's do our part.
With prayers for a peaceful and meaningful elections ...



Election Call Center

From: "Carmen L. Villaseñor"
Date: Thu Apr 29, 2004 3:40 pm
Subject: Election Call Center

Greetings of Peace!

Starting 1 May 2004, access to election related information is just five numbers away -- 10-149. For the first time in the history of our national elections, you can call 10-149 from a PLDT landline anywhere in the
Philippines for free, to talk to a tele-educator about the following:

· candidates' profiles and stand on issues
· party-list information
· your precinct number
· information for first time voters
· information on how to get involved in the elections
· where to get election resources from
· exit polls
· inquire about election related legal matters

This service is especially helpful for people who do not have access to the internet or cannot read since a live person will be the one providing you with the information you need to make an informed vote. Calls will
be entertained from 1 May to 10 May, 9:00am to 9:00pm.

This project is called the Gabay-Halalan 10-149. It is spearheaded by Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan (SLB) and Professionals Actively Responding Today (PART) in cooperation with PLDT. Gabay-Halalan is still in need of Metro Manila-based volunteers who would like to be tele-educators.

Please sign up (name, email, contact number) at the Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan Office.

The dream of an enlightened electorate is just a phone call away. Dial 10-149.

Para sa Diyos at Bayan,

Joaquin C. Sumpaico III, S.J.
Director, Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan

THE ELECTION CALL CENTER 10-149 WILL BE UP ON MAY 1 and we are still in need of tele-educators who can volunteer for at least 1 day between May 1 to May 10 for just 4 hours/day. Tele-educators will take calls and answer election-related queries from all over the Philippines using a database.

ALL VOLUNTEERS WILL HAVE THEIR BREIFING ON APRIL 30, 2004, Friday, 7:30PM AT THE CALL CENTER VENUE, CLC Center, Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Hts, Q.C.

It's a new building near LST (Loyola School of Theology). We need 7-10 people per shift. New shift schedule is: 9am to 1pm, 1pm to 5pm, 5pm to 9pm. You have to be there 30 minutes before your shift.

Please email back or call 0919-6046967 for confirmation or any concerns.

Jesuit Volunteers Philippines Foundation, Inc.
Rm 313 Bellarmine Hall, Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108, Philippines
Tel Nos. (632) 927-9060, (632) 426-6001 loc 4880
Telefax (632) 426-5908