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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Mini Checks (Check Imaging)

mini checks - checkinini!(Sequel to Love Letter from my Bank Manager)

I got my first taste of this "check imaging". I got it with my regular BPI bank statement via postal mail.

It's cute. The check images are smaller than your regular checks. Makes me recall the play money that used to come with some sari-sari store junk food -- small and cute.

I was expecting that the check images would include the back of the check. That is, afterall, where some of the more juicy check information is -- the signature of the one who encashed, a date stamp and all those bank graffitti at the back of the check.

Oh well, it's fun to play with. But, as I said in my previous post about check imaging -- it isn't useful for me yet at this time.


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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Tech Joke! - The Bishop's Microphone

It looked like a technology announcement from my tech-writer friend, Marco, of Gadgets Magazine.

Here's Marco's text message:
At the middle part of d Sunday Mass: Bishop taps the microphone and said, "Ther's something wrong w/ d microphone.!" The people answered, "AND ALSO WITH YOU.."

But... makes me think ... Sunday mass has become awfully routine and perfunctory for many.

Isn't there indeed SOMETHING WRONG with us or our Sunday mass?

- Edwin


Thursday, September 23, 2004

Links - Smart Padala

Here's a growing list of reference websites about Smart Padala:

  1. The VAS Difference
  2. Filipinos Are Getting The Message
  3. Smart Padala to Bolster Peso
  4. Frequently Asked Questions for SMART Padala (Smart website)
  5. Smart Padala Remittance - an e-commerce option? (Migs' blog)
  6. Smart remittance service off to a good start (
  7. HK presence for Smart and PLDT Global (Manila Bulletin)
  8. Smart's new e-remittance service processes PhP8-M transactions in first week
  9. Comparison - remittance testing from Hong Kong

    Other remittance services:
  15. (UK to the Philippines)

    Search Google:
  16. Smart Padala
  17. online remittance philippines
Please contact me if you have any links to suggest. You can also post comments below.



Smart Padala Woes

There's a fellow who posted his Smart Padala Woes on Migs Paraz's blog... Smart Padala Remittance - an e-commerce option?

He tells of using Smart Padala and finding out that there are problems with the system's compatibility with his SIM. He was told that there is no procedure for refund the amount and send it via the traditional method. Here's Eleazar's story and my reply to him ...

I received a Smart Padala from CBN London on August 11, 2004 with Smart Money No. 5577512482684103. The next day I went to Banco de Oro, McDonalds and SM Dept. Store all to no avail.

I was referrred to Smart Wireless Center and willingly go your Sta. Lucia East Branch in Cainta. A litany of problems were mentioned i.e. Non- 64-k SIM Card, celfone model and they even suggested that I buy a new Super SIM 3 which I did. All of these proved futile. A certain Sheila Buendia from Smart (Head Office?) even called me several times and that they are trying to upgrade my SIM (installing a Smart Money Menu) via remote.

Despite all of these, I still have to get my much needed remittance. Frustrated after more than a month with now solution in sight, I surrendered and contacted my remitter in London to just ask for a refund from CBN and just remit to me the money in the old traditional way - thru a bank, which normally take no more than one day!!

To my surprise, I was told by my remitter that you have no fund recovery/refund procedures in place and was advise that I just call Smart Money Hotline (again!!I) I obliged and just this morning I was told by a certain Doreen Dabon that she cannot do anything and that I will have to go back to Smart Wireless Center again to repeat the same procedures all over again with no guarantee that I will finally get my money stucked with Smart since August 11, 2004.

I dont know what to do now.
Comment by ELEAZAR A. REYES — 9/22/2004 @ 9:25 am
Unfortunately, Eleazar didn't leave his contact email. Nevertheless, I posted this reply on Mig's blog...

Wow, eleazar! It's good that you wrote about your experience. The people at Smart should have this noted already and troubleshoot against having the same problem in the future.

And Wow ykcor! hope your reply helps eleazar.

(as per my understanding... ) eleazar, i think the fundamental problem was -- prior to remittance, the system *should* *have* checked if your original SIM was a 64K SIM.

When your remitter sent the amount, it was sent to your original cellphone number which, it turns out, is not 64K and CANNOT accommodate the SmartPadala Service.

1.) If your original SIM is post-paid (subscription), there is a way for Smart make a 64K SIM for you and retain *the*same* cellphone number. THAT new 64K SIM with the old number is what you can use to retreive your remittance.

2.) If your original SIM is pre-paid, there is no "normal" procedure for creating a 64K SIM with the same original number. Therefore, I think Smart will have to bypass some procedures and provide you with an "ab-normal" procedure of making a 64K SIM for your pre-paid number.

I don't have any solid figures, but out of the 12Million++ Smart subscribers, there is a very small percentage (probably less than 1%) of subscribers using a SIM that's less than 64K.

Eleazar, my guess is your SIM is more than 2-3 years old, correct? Sorry to say, Eleazar, but i think Smart wasn't able to adequately disseminate their procedure for handling the kind of problem you're encountering.

If i were you, eleazar, i would call Smart Padala. Your case is not in the regular call center representative's codigo. You should ask to talk to the _TEAM LEADER_ of the hotline or a _TECHNICAL_ person handling Smart Padala.

(Call Smart Padala hotline +632-845-7788; *7788 using a Smart Cellphone; 1-800-10-845-7788)

Hey, eleazar, hope to hear about the results of your quest! Goodluck

Links - Smart Padala, Smart Padala Remittance - an e-commerce option?, The VAS Difference, Smart Padala to Bolster Peso, Search Google: Smart Padala


Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Look Ma, No Wires! (Part II)

Ang ha-hi-tech ng classmates ko!

Father Vids presenting, RJ looking on...Father Vids, SJ, is presenting the results of their Rapid Area Assesment. He whispers "next slide please" and the screen shows the next figure. But nobody is at the computer! Who moved that slide? Is it voice activated? Is it automated? Is there divine intervention? ...

Aha! It's just RJ and his latest power tool for presentations: Keyspan Presentation Remote. RJ can control the slide show from any point in the room, even while he stirs his cup of cofee.

Fits in the palm of your handThe hand-held laptop remote controller connects wirelessly to RJ's laptop via Radio Frequency (RF). It has all the functions of a mouse: right and left mouse button, and a flat joystick to control the mouse pointer. It also has a jog button for scroll up or down plus click. Best of all, it has a laser pointer which is fun to use like a light saber ala-jedi. ;-)

RF receiver on the USB portIt has an RF receiver attached to your laptop's USB port. The remote controller fits in the palm of your hand. But you'll need a fat wallet to get your hands on this P6,800 gadget.

- Edwin
RAA presentation by "Teamworks", FPH-MDM caseroom, AIM

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Visit: Keyspan


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Edong's Dreams - Taxi Beacon

When I need a cab, I activate my taxi beacon on my cellphone.

This will send an alert to all taxi drivers within 2 kilometers of my location. Through his cellphone, accredited taxi drivers will know my precise pick-up location and my destination.

I'll have my taxi at my doorstep within minutes. When I get ni the cab, my taxi's ID is recorded. I am secure.

The system is so effecient that taxi drivers will know where there are many passengers waiting. The system will announce to drivers when, for example, there's a concert or event that will end in 20mins and will require 50 or so taxi cabs.

Haggling is eliminated, taxi availability almost always approximates the demand for taxis.

Less gas wasted, less time wasted waiting for a cab, less headaches, secure.

Taxi cabs when and where you need them.

- Edwin
in a cab, running late for our team meeting

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Monday, September 20, 2004

Technobiography on your mobile device

Get Technobiography on your mobile device!

Thanks to Chris, the Ordinary Gweilo (, Technobiography is now available on your mobile device. It uses Mobipocket Reader on your PDA or SmartPhone.

Take it for a ride ...

1.) Download and install Mobipocket on your PDA or Smartphone.
Download and read more about Mobipocket here:

2.) Subscribe to Technobiography.
Visit this page:
Click "Technobiography"
Click "Subscribe"

3.) Enjoy reading Technobiography while in the MRT, while driving (kids, don't try this!) or while in the shower! ;-)

When you have Technobiography on your mobile device, tell me about it, okay?

While you're there, do subscribe to emmanslayer's blog: i. wanna. be. a. porn. star.


- ka edong

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Visit: Ordinary Gweilo


Friday, September 17, 2004

OT: Akyat Bahay Gang Bayanihan

I was helping clean-up the shore at Brgy Balawarte, Agoo last saturday together with barangay officials, fisherfolk and LNR of Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation.

Then, kapitan invited me for an Akyat Bahay Operation... We walked to a house, around 50 meters from the shore. It had four legs like stilts. What used to be 4 strong solid wooden posts are now crumbling like a drenched biscuit in a cup of coffee.

This house gets cold feet in floodwaters when the typhoons come and the tide rises above normal. The waters encrouch into the land inundating streets, crops, livestock and homes on stilts. The house's family gets cold feet, too.

Beneath the house is a clearance of 3 feet - too low for the 4-5 feet high flood+waves. For the Akyat Bahay operation this morning, thick and long bamboo poles are strung beneath the house floor. Thirty boys and men are poised to lift the house. They are muscular from years tending the fishnets and boats. But lifting the house a few feet higher is no easy task. This is a job for the Akyat Bahay Gang!

I help out. After many bursts of energy sychronized by the command: "maisa, duwa, tal-lo!", we succeed in adding a few more feet of clearance between the wet sand and the house floor.

No more cold feet for the family ... for the meantime.

Now for some dry and crispy biscuits for the Akyat Bahay Gang.

On an overcast saturday morn, in an under-developed fishing community, this good Ole Technology still works wonders: Bayanihan.

- Edwin
Balawarte, Agoo, La Union
with LNR

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Cellphone Theft - Inquirer's Special

Inquirer has a special report on Cellphone theft. I need to catch up on my reading. Here's their online version:

Excuse me while I read up ....

- edwin


Gmail Invite for Grabs - Part III

As per eric's request, here's my third gmail invite give away.

I'm giving away two gmail invites. It's easy ...

I'll be raffling off TWO Gmail invites. Let's put in a little more spice so that I know who's joining the raffle.

To qualify for the raffle, just post your (1) Name and (2) e-mail address and then (3) answer any of the following questions in the comments area of this post:

  • How did you find Technobiography? [via a search engine, link from another website (pls specify), referred by a friend (pls specify), through sheeer luck, others ...]
  • What cellphone do you use?
  • What's the corniest/mushiest SMS message you've received?
  • What's the name of your pet?
  • Any messages?

I'll put all your names in a box and raffle off two gmail invites on Tuesday afternoon, Sept 21.

Join the raffle now!



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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Signals of the Times

When Miss Saigon was shown at the CCP back in 2000, the audience was asked not to bring their cellphones. People who didn't know better had to deposit their cellphones at a counter and claim them back after the show. The queue for claiming cellphones were soooo loooong, you could have thought there was free ice cream at the front of the line.

The things we put up with in these times of cellphone ubiquity...

In another musical, Rent, an intro was given by a performer. She appealed, "please switch off your cellphones, beepers, pacemakers and breast implants". She even coached us on what to do if we see any impolite people texting during the performance: "(tap person on shoulder) Excuse me, rude person. Would you kindly turn off your cellphone, pleeease, rude person?"

In one seminar I attended, a phone started ringing in fullblast. Nobody flinched to answer the phone. A man, a 50ish year old lolo, was still engrossed with the lecturer even if his "Otso Otso" ringtone was filling the hall with laughter. No reaction from Lolo. He couldn't hear his own phone! Maybe he put his hearing aide (and not his cellphone) on silent mode!

Marami ring makulit sa airplanes. After the stewardess announces that cellphones could affect plane communication systems, you'll still hear cellphones clicking and beeping. Apparently, the threat of their plane crashing isn't enough to stop the Filipino texter. But, come to think of it, airlines are quite lax in implementing the "cellphones off" rule. Either there isn't any real threat of plane crash due to cellphone interference or the airlines are negligent of safety precautions regarding cellphones.

I was at CCP for the Ramon Magsaysay Awards where a friend, Ben Abadiano, received an award for Emergent Leadership. Buti pa ang CCP ngayon, they've put cellphone use to a stop while inside the main theater. They use cellphone signal jammers inside the main hall.

Thanks to the signal jammers, there was no need to deposit our cellphones, there were no cellphone signals, no rude texters, no Ocho Ocho ringtones to interrupt the solemnity of the awards.

- edwin

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Globe Callback Alert

I called you (2) time/s on 09/13/04 at 22:20. Please return my call at this number. Regular charges apply when you call or text back. *Globe Callback Alert*
"What's the value-added", I wondered about this Globe service.

My parents quickly figured it out before I did...
"Para mas-siguradon untawag ka ed saramay timawag ed sika", says my dad. (So that there's a better chance that you'd call back)
Ang galing galing talaga ng tatay ko, mana sa akin! ;-)

Some people don't know whether or not they received a missed call. To drive home the point, I just got this question from mom just now:
"Anto yay Call Register?" (What's this Call Register?)
If you, beloved reader, don't know what Call Register is, I suggest you ask your grandchildren, they would know.

Back to topic, other points about Globe Callback Alert
  • I wonder if Globe is really planning to continue this alert for all missed calls for all Globe subscribers. Will they start charging for this service in the future? Will people buy it?
  • If there are, say, 4 million missed calls and 4 million text alerts, won't that substantially add unnecessary txt traffic and network traffic?
  • Isn't this sms spam?
  • Isn't this a service that's useless to 90% of subscribers?
Just my thoughts -- too many un-valuable Value Added Services (UVAS), too many un-matched info or entertainment needs of subscribers.

Telcos should improve on helping subscribers avail of useful and customized services instead of SMS spamming the entire buong madlang pipol advertising the latest ringtone or latest UVAS.

My mom has a perfect word for these spam messages: "Mapaka-syudot!" (Nakaka-imbiyerna!)

- edwin
last hours in Baguio...

Mental note: I should tryout the customizable menus of AddictMobile.
Readers: Have you tried the customizable SIMs? How well do they work? Tell me about it!
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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Techie Grrrl - Part II

Jaira the photographerMa, akin na po. Ako!
Ganito yan.
Putol eh.
Erase natin.
Dali lang.
Kasi turo ako ng daddy ko, eh.
Mommy, look!
Smile kayo.
Jaira the photographerThese are some words of 3-year old Jairah. She snaps digital photos with ease using her dad's P900 Sony Ericsson. She even learned to use a friend's Olympus C-350 camera.

She would take a photo and show it to us with pride. Ganda ng ngiti niya.

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- edwin
Choco-Late de Batirol, John Hay
with Albert, Rosan and daughter Jairah


Saturday, September 11, 2004

Pigilan ang Terorismo

Poster in the lobby of the Agoo Municipal Hall:

Protektahan ang kritikal nating mga imprastruktura
imbakan ng langis
planta at linya ng kuryente
daluyan ng tsanspostasyon at komunikasyon
sentro ng pamahalaan at kalakalan
at iba pang mahahalagang instilasyon


I-report kaagad ang kahina-hinalang tao at gawain
Tumawag o i-text sa


tfalert (space) mensahe at ipadala sa 117

Task Force for the Security of Critical Infrastructure

Just 2 weeks ago, I saw "Anti-Terrorism czar" Angelo Reyes on the news.... He showed the media the call center that receives 117 text messages and calls. They even showed a sample call with a kid talking non-sense at the other end of the line.

117 is flooded with calls and txt msgs. And only 1 out of 100 are real emergencies. Reyes said there are plans to charge callers and texters for the service to reduce incidence of prank calls.

Here are my other unsolicited ideas on how to reduce prank calls to 117
  • Tell prank callers that their telephone number is on record and will be temporarily cut for 1 day if a 2nd non-emergency call is made from the same number
  • send over the cellphone snatcher's association to the prank caller's location
  • callback the prank caller, repeatedly play in full blast the line from Love Radio: "Bisyo na 'to! KAILANGAN PA BANG I-MEMORIZE YAAAAN??!"
  • Get radio DJs to man the 117 call center. They know how to handle prank callers. Just make sure they don't answer like this: "This is 117, K-Life FM, what is your request?"
Pareng Angelo Reyes, get a little more creative, there's a better way to reduce prank calls without charging ALL callers/texters. Mag-usap nga kayo ni Bayani Agbayani Fernando at baka sakaling maging Bonakid ka rin. ;-)

- edwin

Three years after the 9-11 attacks.

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Deafinitely not Deaf

My wife has doubts about the clarity of my hearing. Sometimes she needs to repeat sentences twice or thrice before I get what she's saying.
Sabi ko (!), mag-laba ka na pagkatapos mong mag-linis ng bahay!
[ ;-) Hi hon! ]

My parents had the same problem with me in my childhood. I guess half the time I didn't hear them clearly, half the time I just ignored the instructions to do my homework.

But, I know I'm not deaf. Do you know how I know?

When I'm at a restaurant or the MRT or in school, I manage to hear even faint smartphone cellphone beeps. I look for my fellow smartphone owner, and sure enough, there he/she is, ten feet away. And by the tone of the beep, I can tell if it's a call, a new message, a menu selection, a boot sequence, an error or what have you.

So, do you think I'm deaf? My hearing is sharp for what I want to hear.

So, do you think this blog sucks? Talk to the hand.

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- edwin
Agoo, La Union
fieldwork staff house at Brgy San Julian
Day 4, Rapid Area Assesment


Sunday, September 05, 2004

Edong's Dreams - Brosia

I: Brosia, nasaan ka? (where are you?)
Brosia: Dito po, sa sofa.

I: There you are! What are my appointments today?
Brosia: You have a badminton meeting with Jorey at 9 in Makati. But you'll have to beat him short and sweet because the President called for a lunch meeting with you. Video con with Atchi Liza at 2pm - it's Cali's birthday, she's having a tea party at 5pm Australian time. Then you'll have dinner with Ate Maya at 7. Shall I order flowers for 'te Maya?

I: Yes, please. A couple of bouquets please, with her favorite flowers. Brosia, please remind me to dictate an email to the Canadian ambasador, punta kami ni Maya sa Canada this weekend. Make sure also to record this week's Amazing Race episode.

Brosia: Okidoks. There's an urgent video e-mail from Kuya Eric, let me know when you want to open it.
I: Okay, please flash that v-mail over the TV now, Brosia. Thanks.
Brosia, is my phone and my personal assistant. She isn't just a calendar nor alarm. She arranges my meetings, tracks my projects, organizes my random thoughts, takes dictation and sends my emails.

She's the boss among my other gadgets at home and at the office. She alerts and syncs my PC, regulates my A/C, updates my MP3 player, sends fax and prints on my printer, records shows on my TV, summons and drives my car.

She knows my life cycles, when to send a cake to my bestfriend, when to write Christmas cards, when the Cuyo and the Balading fiestas are, when to buy flowers for mama's birthday, when to book a vacation.

She knows my moods, when to kulit me for an important project, when to take notes in a brilliant brainstorm and organize it into a multi-media power point presentation, when to listen or give advice, when to keep quiet in my reflective moods.

Brosia is my phone. You can mess with my hair, but not with my phone.

And ops cors, Maya is my wife, da wabs op my wayf.

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- Edwin
Concepcion, Tarlac
in a bus with crazy Hien and tennis star Kalyan Agassi


Friday, September 03, 2004

Edong's Dreams - Video Rentals

Friday night. I scan the "new arrivals" list of my video shop via my cellphone. I tick "reserve & auto-pay" on titles I want to borrow.

In a few seconds, I receive an update telling me which of the titles are ready for pick-up. Later, I also get alerts on titles I reserved in the past and are now available. I just choose to borrow or postpone reservation.

When I reach my video shop, my videos are packed in a bag which has my name on it. The claim counter automatically detects my cellphone and asks me for my Video membership PIN. I key in my PIN on my cellphone and that clears my videos for checkout.

Two days later, I receive an alert on my phone. It reminds me that my videos are due. It asks me if I want to pay for an extra day of rental. With a click of a key, I extend my video rental. Then I can do another Matrix Trilogy marathon until the wee hours of the morn

- edwin
Eve of my sixth day-long final exam

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Edong's Dreams - I

I dream of mobile for Filipinos...

I walk up to the MRT station and a security guard awaits me, ready to flash the magic security wand into my bag.

I pass him, then walk to the gate that has three arms letting commuters pass one at a time. I take out my phone. My phone connects automatically to the gate's sensor and asks for my MRT PIN. I key-in my super-secret PIN and the gate opens to let me in.

At my destination, I pass an exit gate that automatically debits my fare from my cellphone load.

- edwin
MRT boni station

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Gmail Invite for Grabs - Part II

Here's another google invite give away. Post your email address on the comments area of this article. Tomorrow afternoon (around 5pm), I'll raffle off the invite to all or anybody who posts their address. There'll be one winner.... unless i get additional invites between now and tomorrow.


- edwin

The invites aren't such a scarce resource afterall. Everybody with Gmail accounts have been getting invites to give away. Even new gmail members get to invite their friends almost immediately.

hrmmmsss... and i thought it had something to do with me using GoogleAdsense and Blogger and all.

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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Banned in China - the Internet censored

Some of the more than 1,000 words and phrases allegedly filtered by a Chinese Internet messaging service (from an article in the Asian Wallstreet Journal):

  • Democracy
  • Christian
  • Human rights
  • Oppose corruption
  • Underground church
  • Overthrow
  • Prostitution
  • Riot
  • Sex
  • Taiwan Independence
  • Tiananmen
  • Traitor
Hmmm... makes me think happy thoughts about the Philippine Internet environment. We haven't had any horror stories about Internet censorship in the Philippines, have we? Well, Kaimo vs PLDT over comes to mind.

I happen to have a Chinese classmate, Li Ling. I asked her about Internet censorship in China. She nods in confirmation. Dikoy, a Leyte-nese classmate chimed in, "You must be enjoying Philippine Internet. Here you're able to surf for ... ehem ... (wink)" (meaning: anything your green mind wants it to mean). Li Ling shrugs and changes topic. Ah, the effects of censorship.

If Henry Sy of SM was to manage Internet in the Phils, he'll probably have this on his censor list:

  • Robinson's
  • talong
  • bulaklak (no thanks to the Viva Hot Babes)
  • massacre (hmmm... I'm starting to miss Carlo J. Caparas)
  • Joey De Leon
  • Willy Revillame
  • live show
  • Imelda (excuse me while I puke)
  • Maui Taylor
Ah, thank goodness he just runs the largest chain of malls in Asia and not the Internet. Ah, the sweet illusion of freedom in the Philippines.

Just for fun, what would you have on your censor list? Tell us about it at the comments section.

- edwin
at Robinson's Galleria, waiting for my angel business financier

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Concept Phones and Services (Part I)

Scenario I: You're on your way to your office. You are in the middle cellphone conversation with a business associate. Then you reach your office. What do you do? Cut the conversation and tell him you'll call from the landline?

No need! As soon as you reach your office, the corporate network detects your Wi-Fi-enabled cellphone. The corporate network automatically shifts your cellphone call from GSM to VoIP without breaking your conversation. Neat, huh?

Scenario II: You want to buy a coke from a vendo machine or want to purchase a Slurpee at 7-11. There's no need to take out your wallet. Just call a number or text a message and you'll receive a barcode. Flash the barcode to the vendo machine and it's good as payment for your purchase.

Scenario III: You forgot the keys to your office front door. Not to worry, it's secured by a cellphone activated lock. Just call a number, enter your PIN via your cellphone. The door unlocks, your time-in is recorded and your start another exciting day at work.

Scenario IV: You're at the train station or at the movie house. You want to buy a ticket but there's a kilometric queue for tickets. Fortunately, your phone is equipped with a non-contact smart chip. You just need to flash it a few inches from a detector near the entrance, the fee is debitted from your phone and you gain entry.

Whatya tink? Thing of the future? A-a-a (with index finger swaying like a pendulum, and a manic grin) all these technologies and services exist already... in Japan!

Yup, I learned about these from various sources -- Asian Wallstreet Journal, Far Eastern Economic Review and that Japanese docu of 5-minute segments.

What's exciting is to come up with concept phones or services that are perfect for the Filipino lifestyle. What would it be? What services? What innovations? For whom? What do you have in mind?

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Abangan: Ka Edong's Concept cellphones and services

- edwin
in an impatient and sweaty crowd trying to get in the mala-sardinas na MRT