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Saturday, October 30, 2004

AMP! Addict Mobile Amplified

I grew up in Baguio. I remember how San Miguel Beer and Nestle and all the big consumer companies would flock to Baguio to promote their products to tourists in Baguio during holidays like this.

I'm elsewhere in the Philippines with Maya and this place is filled with posters and promo stalls and those big baloons and tents. But it's not San Mig. It's Smart and their new product: Addict Mobile Prepaid (AMP). Here's the thing...

I've sent in a previous article about AMP, but apparently, it's clogged in the cyberspace and still making its way to my blog. (Starting to be dis-satisfied with Blogger).

Back to Topic, AMP is just what it's labelled as -- A prepaid version of Addict Mobile. I'm on Addict Mobile. I got on Addict Mobile only because I wanted to avail of the SmartPhone last year.

Addict Mobile mainly caters to the Class A and B crowd. It has all these socialite, gorgeous, hunky image models endorsing it. And much of the content is .... let's say ... far from "pang-masa".

But coming out with a prepaid version of Addict Mobile strikes me as counter-intuitive.

Nevertheless, I investigated last night with Maya in tow.

Two key features of Addit Mobile Prepaid:

  1. It's prepaid. Whereas Addict Mobile is postpaid, the release of AMP makes the service more accessible to more (common) people.
  2. Lower MMS rates. They still don't have brochures with rates written down. But I gather from the AMP promo ladies (they call them "models") that MMS sending is down to P3. This is cheaper than the P5 prevailing rates of other SIMs (Smart and Globe).
That's it. Those are the only major features I've seen that sets AMP apart.

Well, that P3 per MMS sent (person-to-person) is going to be a trend-setter. I forsee both Smart and Globe (and probably Sun) bringing down the costs of MMS person-to-person sending.

Lower costs are always good for us cheapos.

- Edwin
partying on ... Station 168

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G-Cash: My Accidental Friday G-mmick (Part 2 of 3)

In the previous article, I wrote about my G-Cash transactions at some Mercury, National and LBC branches.

National Bookstore staff appear to handle G-Cash transactions well. LBC, on the other hand, wasn't able to entertain my transactions due to technical and logistic problems.

In this article, I'll tell you how my G-Cash transactions went at Burger King and Globe Hub.

IV. Burger King

It was easy enough to buy an apple pie at Burger King using G-Cash. The manager didn't flinch one bit. She sent the appropriate text message, and then waited for my payment confirmation. She noted transaction details in a logbook. That will be a clerical bottle-neck if they have to do this manually for each and every G-Cash transaction.

I think I was the 4th or 5th G-Cash customer in that logbook. I bet the first few customers were Globe personnel from the neighboring Globe Hub.

V. Globe Hub

And now the juicy part, Globe Hub. I went to Globe Hub at GreenBelt III to cash-in. Surprise! Hindi pwede! The cashier's phone for G-Cash transactions was m-PIN-Blocked! Whoa! How did that happen?

They said they inadvertently entered the wrong m-PIN ... THREE times! Tsk tsk tsk. (iling). And apparently, G-Cash transactions on that phone were disabled for more than two hours already. (iling ulit, sabayan niyo ako) They've been requesting their tech people to unblock the disabled G-Cash transactions, but the request hadn't come through yet. (Iling hanggang ma-stiff-neck!)

Hergs! I better remember my m-PIN! That Globe Hub took a couple of hours to get their G-Cash transactions restored. If MY m-PIN gets blocked, how many hours or DAYs will it take to get MY G-Cash transactions restored??

Okay, okay... I'll bring my transaction elsewhere. I walked to LBC. As you know from the previous article, LBC wasn't much help. On this friday night, I was just tired after thursday's Beatles night at 70's Bistro. I just wanted to go home and sleep. But G-Cash derails me. I've been to two LBCs and a Globe Hub. If this next Globe Hub couldn't give me the transaction I'm looking for, I'm going home.

So, I walk to Globe Hub at Glorietta and guess what! There was a queue to the cashier that was 1 kilometer long! Okay, maybe not 1 km, just 15 people long! Haaaargh!

I'm going home...

Sige, just one more try. I ask a Globe representative, Nelle (I couldn't remember her real name), what I need to do to Cash-In some G-Cash. She gives me a form, I fill it up, then Nelle goes directly to the cashier with my P500 pesos to be converted to G-Cash. I add P10 for the transaction fee. A few minutes later, I receive a text stating my new balance including the additional P500 I just cashed in.

Ah finally! After 30 minutes walking two kilometers, going to two LBCs, two Globe Hubs, I finally got G-Cash!

Golly! Who would be crazy enough to go through what I went through just to get G-Cash? Well, I know of one guy...

But wait. Uh, where's my receipt?
"Sir, wait lang po..."
2 minutes...
"Sir, nag-pi-print lang po..."
3 minutes...
"Sir nag-reboot lang ng computer..."
ten kazillion hours...

After twenty five minutes inside that Globe Hub, my transaction still wasn't complete. Crazy! I walked away to cool my head and to use up that G-Cash I had in my cellphone.

I went back to the Hub later. My receipt was printed already.

Nelle said G-Cash transactions have a tendency to slow down the cashier's computer.

Ding ding ding ding! Sound the alarm, call tech support, call the IT guys! They have a lot of work to do!

At the end of it all, I know G-Cash has a lot of possibilities just waiting to happen. But with how my transactions happened (or DIDN'T happen), it seems Globe is still just in testing stage.

In the final installment of this three part article, I will talk about some security issues of G-Cash. I'll also compare it with Smart Money. Lastly, I'll talk about how I think Globe can improve G-Cash and hasten its adoption by the general public.

Watch out for Part III next week, Friday, Nov 5.

- Edwin
This blogger will be on vacation for a few days to defrag his cluttered brain. Thanks to Maya for the technical support.

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Friday, October 29, 2004

Addict n G-Cash Posters n Print Ads

Ahhh, things we pick-up from "Posters and print-ads"...

Here are some developments with Addict Mobile and G-Cash...

Addict Mobile now has AMP - Addict Mobile Prepaid.

Hmmm... I wonder, aren't they ruining the "sosyal" and "cool" and "hip" image of Addict Mobile by introducing this pre-paid service?

Doesn't it hurt the bourgouise (whew! Ang hirap ispellingin! Tama ba yun??) if any kanto boy can get the same sosyal content made just for Addict Mobile? Won't the Rockwell kids, Greenbelt 3 Yuppies and Eastwood CSRs and IT guys complain when they see a taxi driver downloading THEIR Cheska Diaz MMS pics?

"Pare, did you see that jologs guy pare? He had Amanda's pics in his cellphone, pare! It's so sagwa, pare, it's so not right!"

By the way, I'm on Addict Mobile... I'm one of the jologs burgiz. Zee yet.

Globe, on the other hand stepped-up its G-Cash promo. New post-paid subscribers get free G-Cash equivalent to twice the monthly subscription. For example, if you get a plan 1200, you pay P1,200 monthly but you get P2,400 worth of G-Cash upon subscription.

They're giving away cash! ...
Well, G-Cash and that's almost cash. I wonder if they're giving away the G-Cash in lump-sum and at the start of subscription. I suspect that they're giving the G-Cash in monthly installments.

Pwede... Pwede...

But shouldn't Globe be promoting G-Cash more aggressively to existing Globe subscribers instead of new subscribers? Do they think G-Cash is a compelling reason to shift Globe from Smart or Sun? Ako, I'm willing to get a part-time PRE-PAID Globe SIM if only to be able to us G-Cash.

But that's just me.

- Edwin

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

G-Cash - My Accidental Friday G-mmick (Part 1 of 3)

I tried out a couple of G-Cash services last Friday. There were a couple of bloopers, sad stories as well as moments of delight.

This is going to be a long three-part article, so here's the short of it: G-Cash is highly versatile and will be used in many so ways. But people will take time and effort to adjust to G-Cash transactions. Moreover, they'll need more compelling reasons to use G-Cash. The service is still in its infancy, and there's a lot of room to improve the service.

See what I went through to try out this new creature called G-Cash...

I. Mercury

My first attempt to use G-Cash was at Mercury drug. I took a pack of Clorets then told the cashier that I was paying with G-Cash.

"G-Cash?" says the cashier, "Sir paki, tanong nalang yung customer service."

The customer service lady took out a folder of announcements. It turns out, not all Mercury Drug branches accept G-Cash payments. Currenty, around 104 Mercury branches around the Philippines can take G-Cash payments. Herks.

II. National Bookstore

I went to two different branches of National to try out G-Cash. I was the first G-Cash customer for both cashiers at the customer service desks.

When we made the G-Cash transaction, the managers as well as a handful of staff were there looking on. They observed my G-Cash transaction closely. They looked like they were examining an exotic animal -- G-Cash, not me!

I filled-up a small piece of paper with my name and mobile number. The cashier entered the purchase amount, a transaction code and the Branch m-PIN (mobile Personal ID Number) in the Globe cellphone of the branch then sent the SMS message.

A split second later, I received this message:
NBS Glorietta requests to deduct 35.00 of G-Cash from your wallet. Send YES 12813835 if you want to confirm.
I confirmed by replying as instructed including my m-PIN. Another split-second later, the cashier receives a confirmation that my G-Cash payment has been made. I also received confirmation and my G-Cash balance statement.

The National Bookstore cashiers said that the transaction is easy enough to do. It's very similar, they say, to a credit card transaction. In fact, "G-Cash" is listed in their cash-box computers in the list of credit cards, below BPI-Mastercard, EquiPCI etc.

National will be a good way to be acquainted with G-Cash. Just go straight to customer service and say you're paying via G-Cash.


Globe's Cash-In List says ALL LBC branches can accomodate cash-in transactions (convert cash to G-Cash).

I tried to cash-in P500 through LBC. The first LBC branch had their Globe cellphone in a locked drawer. Blooper! They couldn't entertain my transaction so I was referred to a second LBC branch.

At the 2nd LBC, I was told that their computers aren't equipped yet for G-Cash transactions. They say their IT department hadn't changed their computer program yet. Blooper!

Harghs! Why am I putting up with this?!

But it doesn't end there. You've got to hear my experiece with Burger King and two Globe Hubs...

(To be continued tomorrow...)

- Edwin

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Sun Cellular - Tips, Tricks & Tsismis

I've been using a Sun SIM on a part-time basis for more than a week already. It's a different breed from Smart and Globe because of the free Sun-to-Sun calls and texts.

But there's more to it than the Call and Text Unlimited (CTU) service. Let me tell you about a few Tips, Tricks and Tsismis-es I've gathered. See what the Sun can do, see if they work for you...

First, for two people to take advantage of CTU, both need to be using Sun Cellular. BUT only ONE party needs to pay the P100 or P250 for the CTU service. See these comments for an example.

Second, some subscribers might be encountering a problem of not being able to make outgoing calls. Maya, my wife, had that problem -- no outgoing calls but incoming calls, sending and receiving text messages were working fine.

The solution was some phone configurations. If you have a similar problem, try these:
In Settings > My Caller Identity = "By Network"
In phone settings > Call Barring = "Cancel All"

It works on my wife's Nokia, see if it works for you. Warning: Please note that you might need to revert to old settings when you change SIMs.

Third, do you use Sun Cellular only part-time? There's a way to receive calls even if your SIM isn't active: Voice Mail Service.

If your caller is using Sun and CTU, leaving a 1 minute voice message is free. You can retrieve messages from your Sun phone FREE of charge (with or without CTU). Convenient, huh? Note: You need to call Sun to have the service activated and change some phone settings.

Fourth, Sun Cellular has GPRS, WAP and MMS. Try these Sun settings on Airfagev (for Smartphones), see if they work for you.

Fifth, Sun's IDD Rates are 3/4's the rates of Smart, Globe and PLDT landlines. Use Sun to call IDD at only 30 cents per minute. Cheap!

Lastly, here's some tsismis. I asked a Sun staff how much their subscriber base has grown. She didn't want to give a figure. But she said this much: number of Sun Cellular subscribers increased SIX-FOLD after the launch of Sun Cellular 24/7 Call and Text Unlimited (CTU) service.

I gather further from tweet_pogi on Airfagev that prior to CTU (Sept 2004), Sun had just 700,000 subscribers. If we combine these figures, that puts Sun Cellular's number of subscribers at 4.2Million. Naaaah! I don't think they've gotten that big ... But ...

In the game, Sun is.
On guard, Smart and Globe should be.

- Edwin
in classroom, I am

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Visit or call hotline 395-8000 for more details on the 24/7 Call and Text Unlimited service.


"Blog, don’t clog, says IT enthusiast"

mirror projects by Edwin and MayaTechnobiography is in! ;-)

Thanks to Joey Alarilla ( for featuring Technobiography in Inquirer Infotech section.

Read full story here:

Enjoy the article!


- Edwin

p.s. Read the article already? Send me your comments!

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Friday, October 22, 2004

Smart Padala Wonders

I heard that Smart Padala brought in 150 Million pesos in remittances in July. And that was just from Hong Kong. I gathered this info from a journalist in the OFWs beat.

I wonder how accurate this info is. Smart Padala has bitten off a large part of the remittances market. And then here comes G-Cash trying to get a piece of the remittance bacon.

I haven't seen any moves from Western Union to defend their share of the remittance industry. I wonder if they're tech savvy enough to adopt new technologies to boost their competitiveness.

I also wonder how Smart Padala and G-Cash International Remittance will affect the informal door-to-door remittance services.

I have a friend runs a remittance business in a small Asian country with around 2,000 OFWs. Her only competition is Western Union. Her service fees are half the fees charged by Western Union.

She's relieved that Smart Padala didn't launch in her country of operation. She sees Smart Padala as a threat to her business.

But I wonder if Smart Padala could be seen instead as her partner. Smart Padala (or G-Cash for that matter) could be an alternative delivery method that could complement her existing door-to-door delivery through messenger.

I wonder...

- Edwin

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Sun Cellular's 24/7 - Sulit! Kahit ...

After three days attempting to avail of Sun Cellular's 24/7 Call and Text Unlimited CTU) Service, my wife and I were finally able to use it last night.

24/7 Call and Text UnlimitedAnd amidst all the confusion, congestion and weak signals, I can still describe the CTU service in one word: "Sulit" (in English, "Worth it" - but that's two words, and has less "dating").

Here are some ups and downs and some burns we've experienced basking in Sun Cellular's 24/7 Call and Text Unlimited (CTU) Promo...
  • I bought a Sun SIM and had to familiarize myself with it by reading the manual. That's a big thing from an engineer like me, to read a manual. But, Sun is different from Globe and Smart and I had to learn quickly so I could use CTU immediately.
  • I had a couple of questions. I tried to contact their Hotline (200) but it took too long for a human to answer (more than 5 minutes) so I just hang up.
  • First problem I encountered: I didn't have any friends on Sun! hahaha!!!!!
  • Next, I wasn't sure whether CTU was automatically loaded already or whether I should convert some of my load to CTU. Turns out they're still giving the 15 day promo to current buyers of new Sun SIMs. This is after the Oct 15 end of promo.
  • Yesterday, Maya was in Cagayan De Oro. I called her from our Mandaluyong apartment building, talked for a minute, then checked if my load was reduced. Ayos, I'm on unlimited!
  • We were on the phone exchanging stories for so long, my phone and ears were getting hot.
  • And it's true, the call gets cut after 15 minutes. Then you'll have to make the call again. Okay lang if you have the patience. And I do, basta't libre.
  • I had to make the calls at the laundry area of our apartment unit. The signal is better there. But because our calls were taking some time, I stepped inside to get a chair. Three strides into our house, the signal got weaker and the call got cut! Ha!
  • I called her back and asked her to try calling me to see if she's on unlimited. This is where the biggest problem came up....
  • She is able to send and receive text. She is able to receive calls. BUT, she could NOT make outgoing calls despite the full signal bar. She couldn't even call Sun's Hotline. The response is "Check operator services".
  • I made a report to Sun today. A certain Mel entertained my call. (Oh, did I tell you it took four minutes before I got a human to answer?) Mel said, maybe it's just because of network congestion.
  • I told Mel I don't think that's the problem. Last night, when I was making calls, I had to be patient, sometimes dialling more than 30 or 40 times before being able to connect. I would get a busy tone or "Please try your call later." But I never got the "Check operator services" notice.
  • Mel said she has filed a report of our situation and that their technical people will look into it. Response time: 24-hours! hrmss... they're getting too used to 24 hours. Sobra na 'yan. :-p
  • I told Mel I'd like to be contacted when they have a reply already. She said she'd get my contact numbers then put me on hold. Then I was on hold for another 3 minutes. I hung up.

I told Maya that if she still can't make calls by tomorrow, just change the SIM at a Sun shop.

Despite all these troubles, the service is still SULIT. Who can beat these unlimited calls? uh.... unlimited(?) ... Who can beat these FREE calls?

Sabi nga nila, "my favorite price is 'Free!' ".

- Edwin

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Justine time!

Justine contacted me. Subukan ko daw yung G-Cash. Sure! You're Just in time! Kaka-tanggap ko lang ng Sun SIM kahapon. Kapag magkaruon na ako ng Globe SIM, may koleksyon na ako ng mga SIM. ;-)

I'll post here as soon as I try out some G-Cash services. Siympre, ayaw magpa-huli.

Now, who wants to send me some G-Cash?


- Edwin

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Cellphone Snatching - Three Stories

I share these stories. All of them really happened. Some names were changed for the privacy of my friends.

This piece is dedicated to Lia. Bless you and your family.

I. Sue

Sue was in a bus on her way home at 9:30pm from Ortigas. She heard a gunshot and THEN a hold-up was declared. Three men stood up and demanded that cellphones and wallets be dropped on the bus aisle.

Nobody resisted. Do you know why? That single gunshot a few seconds ago -- it left one man fighting for his life. He was shot point blank BEFORE the holdup was announced. His wife cried hysterically beside him while the gunmen took the valuables and escaped on foot.

The bus sped to the nearest hospital. The man who was shot was declared dead on arrival.

One life lost. No one won.

Sue witnessed it all in that eventful bus ride home. She was traumatized. She no longer takes the bus nor jeep for fear of another episode of violence.

A life less free, enveloped in fear.

II. Lia

None of us knew the real details yet. We just knew that Lia was in critical condition.

Lia was off to work at 5:30am for her shift at the call center. She waited for a cab at a street corner a hundred meters from the city hall.

A cab stopped, she got in, the cab driver drove on. Then, a few meters down the rotunda, the cab stopped again and a second man got in the cab.

He had a gun.

The bullet pierced her soft neck, she went on coma for a few days, then she passed away.

A life lost, a brilliant future wasted.

III. Jon

My wife and I had just gotten back from Lia's wake that Saturday afternoon. We told Jon and Joan about Lia.

I ended the story by telling Jon and Joan: "Ang cellphone, napapalitan. Ang buhay, hindi."

Two days later, we heard about Jon's surreal experience.

Going home at 3am after his shift at his call center, he took a jeep to Taft. Two men got in the jeep. They sat beside him, put out a gun, took Jon's phone at gunpoint.

Lucky for Jon he lived to tell his story. So surreal just days after hearing about Lia. Surreal yet so real.

Fear more real, life unstilled.


I have lost a phone before. It isn't easy. It's like losing a part of my self.

It's not just A phone. It is my message box, my treasure box, my journal, my planner, my reminder, my companion.

It is my alaga. It is my connection to my family and friends. It is part of my personality. It is part of me.

A part. But nonetheless, just a part. It is not me, it is not my life.

Anumang galing ng cellphone, walang cellphone na mas-mahalaga sa buhay.

- Edwin

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Monday, October 18, 2004

Suki, Just Pay me Via G-cash

Wallet na ang Cellphone mo!Globe says of G-cash: "Wallet na ang Cellphone mo!"

And their quite right. Given the existing scheme, ANYbody can accept payments via G-cash. You don't need to be a Mercury Drug or a National Bookstore to get G-cash payments.

A carinderia owner can get G-cash payments from sukis who want to reserve their favorite ulam...

Deebeedee boys can collect payments via G-cash. Magazine subscriptions or daily inspirational text messages can be paid thru G-cash. Airfagev contributions can be coursed through G-cash.

Possibilities are endless! Globe just gave small businessmen a way to collect payments without the need for face-to-face exchange of cash.

What will be my first G-cash transaction? I wonder...

- Edwin
in this aircon jeep, first day of class

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Sunday, October 17, 2004

G-cash = Everybody's Remittance Service

My friend Ronald in Cuyo, Palawan could very well set-up his own remittance business in Cuyo with the existing G-cash service.

Here's how:

Ronald tells students that anytime they receive G-cash from their father, they can encash it through Ronald.

The student just needs to pass, for example, P1,000 worth of G-cash and Ronald gives the student P950 (P50 service fee, for example).

Ronald then sends the G-cash to his sister, Belle, who is in a city near a Globe business center. Belle encashes (Globe's term for this is "cash-out") the G-cash for P1,000 plus a 1% service fee. That gave Ronald and Belle a P40 revenue for the service they provided to the student.

(In turn, Belle uses this cash to provide Ronald with the needed Autoload Max load to be sold to other customers in Cuyo.)

From the point of view of the student, he paid only P50 to instantly encash money sent by his dad.

The whole transaction -- from Dad cashing-in the P1,000 at Globe Manila, to Dad sending G-cash, to student receiving G-cash, to student cashing-out (encashing G-cash) the P1,000 -- may take as little as ten minutes! One third of the time of Western Union!

Is it worth P50? Oh yes! Especially if there are many Ronalds accessible anytime.

G-cash has made cash (or G-cash) more fluid, more transferable despite the geographic barriers of our archipelago.

The thing is: Walang Globe signal sa Cuyo! Smart lang! Mwahahahaha!

Kaya nga ina-abangan ko ang katumbas ng G-cash ng Smart. Smart's wider cellsite coverage will take better advantage of this mobile currency. It will bring this mobile currency down to the farmer's worn hands.

Our money flies! Let it soar!

- Edwin
Got to do MRR

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G-cash -- getting there, getting there...

I spoke to Globe customer care people, read some ads on the papers. What else have I learned about G-cash today?

It isn't as easy as it could and should be.

At least there isn't any card needed for G-cash services. But after reading a full page of instructions on how to use the service, with so many forms, and M-PINs, and ORs and ARs and authorized outlets and all -- it doesn't look easy enough for any Tomas, Dikoy or Harnulfo to use.

Maybe, just maybe, G-cash remittance just might be a bit cheaper to use than Lhuillier or Western Union. But is that enough to get people to use G-cash? Filipinos have been remitting for a long time already. They've gotten used to whatever old service. Globe needs to give them a compelling reason to switch. And it has to be a switch to something simple and sweet.

If one customer, say Harnulfo, tries out the remittance service and it isn't any better than, say, Lhuillier -- then Harnulfo won't shift to G-cash remittance. Why pa, eh "Sanay na kami sa [insert old remittance service here]," 'hika ngah nih Harnulfo.

But what's interesting is the challenge that this new remittance service introduces. It makes all the big players (Western Union, BPI, LBC, Smart Padala, Lhuillier, etc.) re-think, re-organize, streamline and improve their services. Ahh, what competition (and in this case, partnerships) can do to benefit consumers ü.

More interesting than remittance (Smart and BPI and a whole slew of others have beaten Globe to the punch already, eh), I see a big future for G-cash payments.

Among the establishments that accept G-cash payments are: Burger King, Mercury Drug, Max's and National Bookstore. That's a good start, especially Mercury and National. Globe needs to make sure that cashiers know what to do once a Globe or TouchMobile subscriber tries to pay using G-cash.

Then, they need to build their network of establishments accepting G-cash payments. They should go for G-cash payments at all Ayala Malls, SM, Jollibee, 7-11, Bayad Centers, Julie's bakeshop, Goldilocks etc.

An interesting scheme they could do is to allow AutoloadMax dealers to accept G-cash payments. Or for dealers to encash remittances. If Globe can do this, that puts them one step ahead of Smart.

The idea is: for Harnulfo to be able to use G-cash to pay for a bottle of patis at Aling Nena's sari-sari store.

THAT! That's what I'd like to see. Will Globe give that? Or will Smart outsmart them?

We're getting there, we're getting there...

- Edwin
Lazy Sunday afternon with the Sunday papers

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Visit: For details on G-Cash visit, G-Cash FAQs. Call G-Cash Hotline 2882 from a Globe Handyphone or Touch Mobile phone; 739-2882 from a landline in Manila. Text "G-Cash" to 2882 for inquiries.


Oh my Gosh, my Google! - Googling my PC

It just keeps getting better and better!

Google released a free program that allows users to search their PC files using Google's search technology.

Dubbed "Desktop Search", the beta version is available at

I gave it a test run just now. It was scarily soooo fast! I think it was scary because it made the program look omniscient! The app whopped out all Excel, Word and Internet Explorer cached files from my PC relevant to my keyword. It could also search Outlook mail, text files, Jpegs, wmv's, among others.

The program installer is a mere 442Kb and is free. Upon initial run, Desktop Search creates an index of the PCs files. Desktop Search can be thought of as having a "photographic memory" of your PC files, as put by an article on the Asian Wall Street Journal (print edition, Page M8, Oct 15).

We compared it to Windows XP's built-in file search -- the one with a dog wagging its tail. Google Desktop Search came up with 16 files in less than a second. Using the same keywords, WinXP's search came up with 7 files in 20 seconds. Three, then 5 minutes later, it was still searching... and, at the same time, slowing down the PC.

I just realized Google's secret weapon for searching both web and PC: cache. The cache or index that it creates allows the search engine to search so fast, there isn't any time to blink!

We installed the software twice. First, in Maya's PC. But we uninstalled it half an hour later because we got the impression that the cache of the PC files was being stored in a remote server. Privacy Issues! Uninstall agad!

Our second installation was at home, on an offline PC. It turned out that the cache was stored locally. No private info was being sent to any server. I verified this via Google Desktop's Privacy Statement. After reading the Privacy Statement, my usual trust in Google was restored.

In a nutshell: Google Desktop search helps me search all files in my PC. This allows me to forget where I put my files and just search for them later. Great for un-organized blokes like me.

This Desktop Search is still in Beta version and it already kicks butt! Google will just get beta and beta with what they do best: innovate.

Cheers to Google!

Now, when will they have a program that let's people search their soul?

- edwin
maya goes to nenoy

Read: Computerworld Article on Google Desktop
Google Search: "Google Desktop Search"


Saturday, October 16, 2004

G-Cash! M-Commerce is here!

They did it! Globe came out with a service that allows subscribers to pay for goods, movie tickets, boat tickets plus domestic remittance via cellphone!

They also have domestic remittance via LBC from Globe subscriber to Globe subscriber cell-to-cell. No card needed.

All this I gathered from a 30-second TV Ad featuring Gary Valenciano. I can't wait to read the details and try it out. They'll be in the papers tomorrow, in whole-page ads.

They call the currency G-Cash. It can probably buy goods from Globe affiliated stores. WG&A for ferry fare (doesn't that sound funny? Ferry fare), probably AyalaMalls for movie tickets, and ... Maybe Mercury Drug or other big and nationwide business establishments.

I bet they'll roll this out very soon for Jollibee. Soon, we'll be able to pay for our favorite Jollibee meals via G-Cash on our cellphones.

Smart already has SmartMoney which enables purchases via a card plus cellphone. Mobile Banking also adds to the choices of m-commerce transactions.

But having to acquire the card is a big limitation to consumer uptake. If Globe has effectively removed barriers to G-Cash usage, they just might overtake Smart with m-commerce implementation.

Best thing is: magpapa-talo ba naman ang Smart?

Whoa, it's happening already! Mobile commerce is here. Dami na itong kasunod, the possibilities are endless. But ... That's another story ... in fact, I've discussed this just recently. Read: Next Killer App - Load-to-Cash Conversion.

Halata ba, excited na excited ako?

- Edwin

Read: Next Killer App - Load-to-Cash Conversion, Edong's Dreams
Visit: For details on G-Cash visit, G-cash FAQs. Call Globe Hotline 211 from a Globe or TouchMobile phone. Text "G-Cash" to 2882 for inquiries.


Thursday, October 14, 2004

Where's Gmail?

Hmmmm... weird. I haven't been able to access Gmail for the past hour. All other websites are accessible. What's up?

"Maybe they're temporarily off-line", I thought. Hmmmmm.... bad indication. Or maybe it's just my terminal.

I investigated via Google News. And guess what I found. Gmail via WAP!

It can be done. It's been done. But I haven't gotten to make it work. I asked fellow-Filipino and fellow blogger Arnold Gamboa if he was able to make it work. Kailan ko kaya mapapagana ito?

What I currently do to access gmail via mobile is -- I forward gmails to one of my private pop3 mailboxes. Tapos POP3 ang pag-download ko ng mails ko to my Smartphone, Brosia.

In the meantime, here are some links, try it out yourselves:

Google search: gmail wap, mobile gmail

Update: My gmail is back online. No problem. Arnold Gamboa replied, wasn't able to make Gmail via WAP work. I replied to him "give it a few more weeks or months and I'm sure it will come through."




Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Cube Blog

Here's a blogging service from e-pldt: Cube Blog (

Cube Blog allows Filipinos to blog through their cellphone. They'll be able to upload photos via MMS. Cost: P5 per MMS sent.

I couldn't verify from their website though if they support Video and Audio MMS already. Cube Blog has a mobile blogging application that can be installed in some Nokia phones. For other phones, posting will be done through MMS.

I'd rather phlog ( or blog via mobile e-mail. It doesn't cost much. Just P.25 per Kb, usually around 1 peso per post. In fact, almost 90% of my posts in Technobiography are sent via mobile phone.

Nevertheless, have some Cube Blog's FAQs.

Initially, it's packaged for the young crowd. But I see possibilities in tele-medicine or engineering. Imagine a doctor in the mountains posting photos of a patient with a rare disease. Doc can do this through Cube Blog.

Or maybe a handful of engineers trying to troubleshoot a problem. They can coordinate through mobile blogging.

Here's more on mobile blogging:
RP firm offers ‘moblog,’ eyes 100,000 users in 2005 (
Globe's G-blog
Google search: mobile blog, mobile blogging, audio blog

-- edwin

Visit: my election 2004 phlog


People Support Recruitment - Starting 'em Young

When I grow up, I want to be a CSR!
kid applying? or playing with People Support kioskI saw this little girl tapping on a keyboard at a People Support kiosk. Batang bata pa lang, gusto nang maging Customer Service Representative (CSR).

People Support has two kiosks dubbed "e-station" in Megamall's Cyberzone. Basically, it's an interactive information kiosk for prospect CSRs.

It has a monitor, full audio and video controlled through a keyboard and trackball. It also has a phone on the side, perhaps to make calls to People Support HR.

The video shows the President's plush office, the CSR cubicles, the HR department and other nice offices. The most important one is the recreation area where CSRs decompress after an overnight shift getting screamed at by complaining customers.

Of course they'll only show CSRs who appear to be happy and all smiles. They probably took these footages after a pay raise and at the begining of a shift. No drowsy, bloodshot, eye-baggy faces in this presentation.

I digress a bit: SSS has a couple of info kiosks around malls too. It's supposed to allow SSS members to inquire about contributions, loan qualifications etc. I never got to use it. The kiosk was always out of order. So much for that.

kid playing with People Support kiosk - her parents were at the opposite kiosk, applyingOh well, little girl, you'll get your turn to be a CSR. And maybe then, you'll be a CSR from home or a CSR at the beach, you'll be multi-lingual, be catering to Americans, Europeans and Mindanaoans, be working in a 24-hour Makati City or Eastwood where CSRs work the graveyard shift and spend their "night-life" watching the sunrise.

- edwin
Greetings to Arbee who, last I heard, was among the senior honchos in the People Support Mafia.

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Search: Call center, Customer Service Representative


The next killer-app: Load-to-Cash conversion

The next killer-app is the ability of Filipinos to convert cellphone load to cash on a large-scale.

There should be a networked facility whereby any Filipino could walk up to a stall and exchange, say P300 or P3,000 worth of load into cash. Just like money changing.

With this kind of service, mobile-payments across the archipelago will be possible.
Through my cellphone, I will be able to buy and pay for an order of durian icecream for a friend in Davao. I will be able to sell copies of my book and receive payments through mobile phone.

Finally, I'll be able to pay bus fare or pay the fruit vendor by sending load. Even better, I can shop at SM and pay using load from my phone.

This enables the Philippine economy to grow faster because of faster transactions. The velocity of cash becomes lightspeed (or "loadspeed"). This will load-passing coupled with load-to-cash conversion will take the place of domestic remittances.

Optionally, to further facilitate these transactions, the three telcos should be able to pass load to/from each other. Furthermore, telcos will need to standardize load value. Otherwise, my Sun load will not be equal in value to my Smart load.

This concept of using load as payment is already being done. Some Ragnarok gamers pay each other through pasa-load. But it isn't done on a large scale yet. Afterall, how can I accept P3,000 worth of load as payment if I can't convert it to cash in an instant?

Load-to-Cash conversion: the next killer-app that will boost mobile-commerce in the Philippines.

- Edwin
Bulalakaw morn

Whatya tink? How do we do this? How else will it be useful? Share your thoughts.

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Visit: Read Boying's "Business and Government in the Philippines"


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Edong's Dreams - Anti-Cellphone-Theft Wireless Leash

We exchanged cellphone theft horror stories the other night. It's a sorry state we're in. Needless fear and even death over cellphone snatching.

Thus, I've come up with some Anti-Cellphone-Theft ideas. Here's the first: The Wireless Leash

It's a contraption that keeps the cellphone within 10 to 100 meters of the owner. The range is user specified.

Beyond this range, the cellphone will "act strangely". Imagine this:

My phone gets snatched. Mr snatcher walks away. 10-20 strides after, the wireless leash goes beyond range and snaps. My phone, in the snatcher's pocket vibrates and gives a ten second countdown. A PIN is required to deactivate the leash. If no PIN is entered, the alarm activates. My phone screams: "SNATCHER! SNATCHER! SNATCHER ANG MAY HAWAK NITONG PHONE!".

An optional electric shock goes off at the cellphone owner's push of a button.

The snatcher gets the electric shock of his life and let's go of the phone. HA! Serves him right.

- edwin
blogging while commuting

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Edong's Dreams - Full Bar Wherever You Are

One sunday afternoon, I was texting Leovin, my former student in Cuyo, Palawan. I asked him where he was. He said he was travelling between his home island, Bisucay, to the main Cuyo island. He was in a bangka -- an out-rigger boat with seating capacity of 3 to 12 people. In the middle of the Sulu sea, he was texting while boating! ;-)

Mid-sea Cell signal! Wonderful, huh?

I dream of strong and pervasive cellphone signals across the archipelago. You are connected whatever highlands, islands or no-man's land you're in. You are connected even while cruising in a boat, zipping through the MRT's underground railway tunnel, on top of Mt. Apo or Mt. Pulag, flying at 50,000 ft above our 7,100 islands.

I dream of cellphone signals in elevators, building basements and road tunnels so that my calls don't get interrupted.

I dream of cellphone signals in all and every barangay in the Philippines. Because when the most remote barangays are connected, that brings progress one step closer to them. That means they have better communication, more access to information. (Now, what's lacking is relevant info content for them).

I dream of cellphone signals everywhere except where you don't want mobile phones to be connected ... like in church.

Church-goers need a spiritual kind of connection that isn't interupted by someone else's beeping cellphone.

- Edwin
A day in Espanya

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Saturday, October 09, 2004

VAS Difference - Smart Kid

My brother was searching for a handset and SIM for his mekanikos on motorcycles.

He considered getting phones using Smart Kid. But, it didn't fit what he needed. I couldn't help but ask: "Kids ba ang mga mekaniko mo?"

To avail of Smart Kid, parents/guardians must have postpaid subscriptions.

Smart Kid has a service that automatically calls a list of numbers in specified order. For example, upon dialling "11" the Smart Kid phone will dial Mom's cell. If mom doesn't answer, the Smart Kid phone will dial Mom's office... then dad's cell, then dad's office until one of the pre-programmed numbers answers.

Herein lays the reason my brother didn't get Smart Kid phones for his mekanikos: The Smart Kid phone cannot dial just any number. It can only call the numbers in the pre-programmed list, a list made by the parent/guardian.

That means, kiddo can't call his crush or his teacher.

Smart Kid is designed for young kids and not for mekanikos. Unless the mekaniko is a kid. Or the kid is a mekaniko. That makes him a mekanito.

And when the kid gets Smarter, he'll need a phone that doesn't get in the way of flirting with seatmate or with teacher Cheche. C'mon!

Lastly, let me loosely quote Warren who commented in my previous article: "Somewhere out there, these phones for kids are making snatchers very rich and happy."

Be an intelligent parent. Stay safe. The cellphone can't take the place of quality time with the kids.

- Edwin
Moving out. Mom and Mama in Albay

Smart Hotline: 88811111
Smart Sales Hotline: 8488882


VAS Difference - Globe Gizmo

Globe recently came out with Globe Gizmo prepaid, a cellphone service for kids. This comes five months after Smart launched it's Smart Kid in June -- in time for first day of classes.

Globe Gizmo services are three-fold:

  1. Discover - "great stuff to boost brain power and tickle their imagination". It includes info content from Discovery Channel, Discovey Travel and Adventure and Animal Planet. It also has puzzles, thesaurus, dictionary, translation and vocabulary of the day.

  2. Connect - "your child will always be within reach". The parent can monitor the child's remaining load

    Another service lets kids text pre-programmed messages by dialling quick keys. For example, dialling *14 this sends the message "Please buy pasalubong" to the parent. Clever!

    But frankly, I think our school kids are mighty text-fluent enough already.

    They'l probably text something like "Mommie, pls buy a 5 mega-pixel, 3x optical zoom digital camera w/ 512Mb Secure Data card 4 my fieldtrip 2 Museo Pambata tom. Tnx! Tsup!"

  3. Play - All sorts of fun tones, icons, wallpapers, polytones and java games for kids.

Globe Gizmo is prepaid. Smart Kid is postpaid and is coupled with the parent's bill.

After the telcos go for our kids, who's the next specialized target market? Are we seeing Smart Lolo or Globe Granny in the future? Hmmmm ... what will it be like? ...

- Edwin

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Friday, October 08, 2004

Edong's Dreams - Mobile Services for OFWs

Globe Kababayan
Mobile Services that Improve OFWs' Lives at Home and at Sea
This was the title of Globe's advertorial on Libre, a free publication by Inquirer.

I read the fine print of Globe's ad, looking for the specific service for OFWs. I was expecting to read about Globe cellphone signals in ships for seamen. Or about IDD call discounts for OFWs. But...

Nope. Nada. Nothing of that sort. It was just event sponsorship and promotion of Globe AutoloadMax - a cellphone load retailing business that isn't uniquely made for OFWs.

If I were to design mobile services for OFWs, they would have themes like these:

  • Chearper Calls - OFWs allot a huge part of their earnings to phone home. This is how important the connection is. The telcos would be of huge service if they are able to reduce IDD costs.
  • Remittance - Smart has Smart Padala remittance service. I hear Globe is preparing a similar service.
  • OFW Information - procedures, embassy hotlines, OFW support groups/NGOs, worker's rights, etc.
  • Home Finance Management - enabling OFWs to pay school tuition fees or house bills or rent-to-own house payments *directly* instead of sending the money to Tito Boy who ends up making the videoke bar rich. To some extent, this is already happening as telcos allow OFWs in Hong Kong or Japan to load cellphones of relatives in the Philippines.
  • Home management - enabling OFWs to make mobile purchases of rice, groceries, clothes, books. It's like giving their kids a P500 gift certificate at National Bookstore or SM. And the gift certificate is a text message sent to the kid's cellphone. This text message is good as cash and will be honoured at the cashier.
  • Remote Pistahan/Birthday-an - Enabling seamen to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary or a town fiesta through tele-conferencing or mobile-video conferencing.
Something like that. Those are what would really be "Mobile Services that Improve OFWs' Lives at Home and at Sea"

- edwin

P.S. How about you guys? What OFW services do you have in mind? Comment below...

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Sun Cellular Turns down the heat

I read from Kait at the airfagev forum that Sun has limited their "unlimited" calls to 15mins per call. The call gets cut after 15mins. You'll just need to call again.

Si MyMaria in Ormoc says that the Sun networks are congested. Kait n Lopio don't agree. I too think it isn't congested yet. I think it's just that there are more subscribers to point out that there are places with weak Sun Signals.

Keep watch, see how the Sun rises.

- Edwin

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Haaaay... My BPI Buhay

Right now, among the dozen cards in my wallet, four are BPI cards. Two ATMs, a credit card and a BPI Express Cash card.

Here are some BPI stories that make me (sigh) ... haaaay...

  • Transfered cash to my BPI Express cash one Saturday via ATM Check-free payments. Yun pala, it's not a real-time transfer. It's a next-banking-day transfer. And since some weekend transactions don't reflect until monday, I couldn't get my money through Express cash until tuesday. Haaaay...

  • Tinuruan naman ako ng taga-BPI. If I transfer using phone, it's realtime daw. Mabuhay!

    Lemme try. Dial 89-100 then follow instructions of voice recording and choose "pre-paid". I tried to transfer P10k. Ayaw! Transaction cancelled daw. Reason: I had a few hundred in my Express Cash, and it couldn't accomodate more than P10k. Haaaay...

  • Maya and I were at Puerto Galera one time. We needed to transfer some money to my brother in Manila. Aha! Let's do that now via BPI Express Online WAP site (! Mabuhay! ;-) (See airfagev for BPI WAP configurations for Smartphone)

    Through Brosia, my Smartphone, I accessed the site, logged-in, verified my account balance, went to Check-free payments, filled-up the form to transfer funds to Kuya, clicked "Submit", then ... Viola! Wala nangyari!

    One more try. Then another. Viola! Wala talaga! Although I had tried transfering funds via mobile, I couldn't transfer that time. I didn't bother to find out why. I just.... Haaaay'ed... and enjoyed the Galera sun and sand with Maya.

  • Before I went back to schooling, I had a regular computer at work. This was the only PC I used to use to access my BPI Express Online account. I don't use public PCs to view my accounts Online.

  • Now that I don't have a regular PC, I prefer to transact via the ATM in AIM.

  • I also use Express Phone. Minsan I use it so often, nakikilala na nga ako nung recorded voice, eh.

  • I know of two BPI ATMs that accept real-time cash deposits. One at BPI head office at Ayala-Paseo, another at Glorietta below HardRock cafe in Makati. The ATM accepts the cash, counts it, then asks the user to verify the amount before proceeding with the deposit. Upon deposit, it's already credited and available. Convenient, huh? Mabuhaaaay!

All in all, BPI let's me do my banking in so many ways. It's just a matter of using what is convenient for me at the particular time and situation. I just need to know the system and use it to my advantage ...

So that I don't get haaay... get haaaay ... get haaay!


- edwin
Three-peat BPI Bloopers

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Visit: or call 89-100 for BPI Express phone


Monday, October 04, 2004

Sun Cellular Turns up the Heat - More info

Dropped by a Sun Cellular shop today.

Gets ko na yung 24/7 Call & Text Unlimited (CTU), finally. In simple dimple terms, here's how the service goes...

CTU is an added service on top of the regular Sun service. For a minimal fee (P100 or P250), all calls & text messages to Sun subscribers become FREE!... For a limited period (10 or 30 days). Calls to other networks will have regular charges.

When the CTU period is finished, calls and texts to all networks revert to regular charges. Just load another CTU card (for a fee) to make Sun calls/texts FREE again.

Hope that made things a bit clearer.

Here's some additional info on the CTU service:
  • Sun currently has a promo. Subscribers can avail of the CTU service for free until Oct 15.
  • After Oct 15, subscribers can load a 24/7 CTU card (P100 or P250) to activate the service (with 10 or 30 day expiry, respectively).
  • New subscribers can get a pre-paid SIM for P150. The SIM already has P300 worth of load. This P300 can be used to call/text to other networks. This load can also be used to "purchase" a P100 or P250 CTU card.
  • The SUN SIM can still be used to call Smart/Globe. The subscriber just needs to maintain regular load.
While I was at the Sun shop, there were three businessmen buying 500 Sun SIMs for their 500 call center representatives. Not a bad idea. Sulit daw, instead of giving them P150 each as bonus or incentive, Sun SIM nalang. And it makes their call center reps easier to contact. Also for the reps to contact each other more easily.

Sun is on the right track. Let's see how things develop.

- Edwin

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Sun Cellular Turns up the Heat - 24/7 Call & Text Unlimited

Sun of a gun! The Sun's finally rising!

The 24/7 Call & Text Unlimited service just might be what Sun Cellular needs to finally get mainstreamed in the ocean of 23+ Million Filipino cellphone subscribers.

24/7 Call & Text Unlimited (CTU) let's both pre-paid and post-paid, new and old subscribers make unlimited calls and text messages Sun-to-Sun.

I shrugged off that 24/7 Call & Text Unlimited at first, thought it would be just a cheap trick promo. But after reading the 24/7 discussion on airfagev, I took a second look...

It's true. For P100 (10day CTU expiry) or P250 (30day CTU expiry), you'll be able to call and text as much as you want Sun-to-Sun.

Sun did the right thing. I think they have excess capacity with their existing infrastructure but limited number of subscribers. This promo is sure to increase Sun's subscriber base.

What will happen to the Philippine mobile environment with this service of Sun? Here are my thoughts:

  • Sun subscriber base increases
  • Sun keeps up the service for a few months, maybe 3, 6 or 12 months...
  • In the process, more people will hold more than two SIMs. Their regular Smart/Globe SIM plus their cele-babad Sun SIM.
  • People will start giving out Sun cell numbers to their friends
  • There'll be two layers of cellular networks: 1) Smart-Globe-Sun which charges around P8 per minute for calls. And 2) the Sun network with cele-babad unlimited usage
  • Long personal calls - the ones usually made among family members during SUNdays - will be made more using Sun and less using Globe or Smart.
  • Sun's 24/7 CTU service will make a dent in Smart and Globe's Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) - the measure of average telco earnings per subscriber.
  • The dent will be made in the "Family" and "Teens/Young Adults" urban market segment -- these are the cele-babad inclined people.
  • Globe/Smart may come out with their own services that will shield the heat of Sun's 24/7 CTU service
  • Sun's network could reach congestion level such that it will become difficult to call or text using Sun
  • Before congestion happens, Sun will have to put limits to the service to prevent/reduce congestion. They may start charging higher fees for unlimited calls. Or, they may limit number of call hours or text messages.
  • Despite these possibilities, Sun will still increase their subscriber base. Even businesses will start using Sun for the unlimited calls. Sun needs to demonstrate network reliability for businesses to start using Sun.
Bottom-line: In a highly aggressive and healthy Telco competition, the subscribers are bound to benefit a whole lot.

Sun should just be careful that their service doesn't deteriorate.

Kundi, baka kantahan ng Globe/Smart ang subscribers ng... "SUN ka man mapunta, babalik ka rin..."

- Edwin
sa BPI Espanya

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Visit or call hotline 395-8000 for more details on the 24/7 Call and Text Unlimited service.


Sunday, October 03, 2004

Techie Madre - Yahoo Himala!

Sister Malou is a Holy Spirit Sister. I met her through my wife, Maya, when we went to Sister Malou's area in Tarlac. They assist Aeta communities through an education program.

When Sister Malou and my wife were at a workshop last week, Sister offered to pray over configure Maya's phone, a Nokia 3530.


When Maya got home, she had a grin on her face. After dinner, I got my phone, Brosia, and started texting. I thought she'd give me the "Nandito naman ako, sino naman ang tine-text mo! ;-)" line.

But NooOoo. Maya got her cellphone and started texting too! Five minutes... Ten minutes later, she was still texting like crazy! She'd sometimes smirk or send out a snicker from what she read. Then text again like crazy!

I started to think, ala-Safeguard commercial, "Sino naman ang ka-text ni Maya? Nandito naman ako!" Then, my "konsensya" couldn't bear it anymore. My thoughts spilled out like water from a breaking dam "Sino tine-text mo??!!"

Maya smiled. She just said, "Wala".

Now I was confused as ever! "Huh?! What are you doing, ciren?"

Maya smiled. "Nag-e-email..." [insert smirk here!]

I couldn't reply. I just let out a whimper which i swallowed back.

Thanks to our Techie Madre friend, Maya is now able to check her Yahoo email and Yahoo instant messaging on her Nokia 3530 via WAP over Globe GPRS.

And here's the big himala config that Sister Malou gave Maya:

Load that URL and you'll be able to do Yahoo mail or Instant Messaging from your phone.

Note: GPRS charges apply
Hope you'll be able to e-mail from your phone. If not, ask Sister Malou. Or better yet, just pray instead. ;-)

- Edwin
After watching Farenheit 9/11 and Kill Bill I

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Friday, October 01, 2004

Digital Jungle

Lost in a Digital JungleI get lost ...

in the intricacies of my digital life
in the electrons zipping through my PC
and the neurons crashing, colliding, colluding in my mind

I took this photo when I opened up PC Mint.

My wife and I got into a little hobby. It's called the Mirror Project. It's fun taking self-portraits on reflective objects. We have some in Balicasag Bohol, in Dinalupihan, in Rockwell, under the LRT in Manila.

All sorts. See more of our mirror projects. Like them? Tell us about it. ;-) You can make some of your own too.

Keep on clicking, babe!

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